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UN Global Call Out To Creatives to Help Spread Health Messages of COVID-19

Calling all creatives!

The United Nations is offering an incredibly unique opportunity for creatives around the globe. They’re asking for our help to create art that promotes the health messages around COVID-19 that resonate with different cultures, languages, communities and platforms!

We believe your creative work could become an influential piece of the COVID-19 virus awareness campaign that helps the United Nations and the World Health Organization beat this global pandemic. Much like the empowering image of Rosie the Riveter that illustrated the collective effort of the fighting spirit of America during World War II, you too can take action. Whether it is with a pen and paper, a paintbrush or a mouse, the world needs you to help fight this invisible foe. 

Ironically, a visible, recognizable solution is critical to this effort of uniting people to join the fight. Your job? Inspire, empower and influence the world around you to do their part. Your unique perspective and artistic style could truly be the difference that inspires positive action in different cultures around the world.  

We invite you to share your ideas, collaborate with others and create original works that can be shared across different mediums and platforms. The world is looking for a battle cry to fight the spread of this deadly virus. Let’s give it to them!


Things to consider

Use any creative medium to produce work that captures one of the coronavirus key messages below, in a clear, impactful and shareable way

Capture one of the UN key messages in your work:

  • Personal Hygiene
  • Physical Distancing
  • Know the symptoms
  • Kindness contagion
  • Myth-busting
  • Do more, donate

Click here for all of the details about the project. Or click here to download the creative brief and get started! Good luck!

Let’s get out there and use art to inspire the world! 

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