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Social Media Marketing & Strategy

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Do you know who your audience is?

One of the lowest barriers to entry in any marketing plan is a solid social media strategy.

While social media marketing is a great place to start, if you want to be successful on social media, it takes work and it takes a plan.

Social media marketing success is not about posting the hottest trend at the exact right moment on the perfect day. It’s about consistently publishing quality content your audience values and can relate too.

Want to get people talking?

It’s time to stop throwing random content into the void and expecting it to gain traction.

Most other agencies are going to create cookie-cutter strategies with generic posting and captions. they won’t do the research needed to truly understand what will get your target audience talking.

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$0.81 CPA when scaled, to a $5K spend, result led to 6,172 leads

More than just a post.

We create organic and paid social media plans and strategies that will get you seen by the right people.

Once they’re interested in your business, we’ll nurture them until they’re ready to make a purchase, then hit them with an ad for the product they want when they’re ready to buy.

On the paid side of social media, the most popular platforms provide robust targeting opportunities, from geotargeting and interest targeting on Facebook and Instagram to industry, title, and company targeting on LinkedIn.

Do you have an email list? Yes? Great. We can even advertise to your email list, which is a great way to increase your engagement with existing contacts, showcase new products, and re-engage people who’ve fallen off.

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