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Connecting More Through Organic Social In 2024

“Organic social doesn’t work for me!”

Not with that attitude!

If you feel like your organic social results are lacking, you’re probably not using it to its fullest potential. Don’t get us wrong, paid social has its place, but organic social is still thriving. The goal of utilizing organic social is to build relationships, drive brand awareness, and support social customer care, but if you’re not asking yourself the following two questions, you’re missing out! 

Am I posting in the right places? 

Defining your audience is the first step, and determining where you’ll reach them best is the next. 80% of consumers say that brand familiarity is important to them, but if your target audience is primarily middle-class stay-at-home moms, you’ll want to avoid marketing on platforms such as LinkedIn to drive awareness. Whereas, if your target audience is upper-class business owners, LinkedIn would be your best bet. 

However, Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms, utilized by almost 3 billion people monthly. It covers the widest range of target audiences and is a safe place to start if you’re unsure where your audience is.

Am I posting the right content?

Once you’ve established where to communicate with your audience, it’s essential to determine if what you’re communicating holds any value to them. Surface-level posts about your business won’t get you the results you want. You’ll need to look deeper into what your target audience values and what will hold their attention and then determine which medium will most effectively communicate that. 

For example, businesses looking to connect with consumers to drive sales for a product will find that user-generated content may reach their target audience best. Content from past purchasers, including genuine reviews and interactions with your brand, are relatable and create trust, helping to build a foundation for a relationship with new consumers. On the other hand, businesses interested in driving consumers to utilize their new technology may find that sharing a recent article on scientific advancements may drive the most interaction and communication with your audience. 

Social media is constantly changing, and it’s important to keep asking yourself these questions to keep up with them. When used to its full potential, organic social is a great and free way to boost your business’s success and help you get the results you’ve been aiming for. 

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