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Who the Heck is DSM?

About DSM

Think of us when your conventional marketing knowledge ends, DSM begins.

We started as a garage brand 15 years ago. Today we’re a talented band of strategists, analysts and creatives that amplify your message. We’re not afraid to break a window, we’re not afraid of the spotlight, and we’re certainly not afraid to work our asses off. There’s one thing you won't get here, and that’s less than 110% effort. Most agencies are going to take your marketing dollars and create cookie-cutter strategies that stay inside the mold. We say, screw that!

We won’t work with everyone, but when we do, we’re all in. Are you?

There’s a reason we’ve been with DSM for 15 years, and it starts with Darren’s unique blend of leadership and accountability.

Ralph Lauretta, Sal Lauretta

Darren Magarro


Zinka’s relationship with us is a central part of our success. Her oversight of the team ensures that we're always in line with our business goals and that we feel secure with her at the helm!

Janine Nowatzky, Inside Rx

Zinka Ramdedovic

Chief Operating Officer

Charlene is someone who our clients, our employees, Darren and myself all rely on. She is diligent, helps us problem solve and grows the value of this agency.

Zinka Ramdedovic, DSM

Charlene Wingfield

Chief Financial Officer

Throughout the years, Christine has always kept our marketing needs top of mind and on track. Her organizational skills, as well as connections throughout the industry, have helped keep our budget in line and helped achieve many of our marketing needs.

Jennifer Flood, Freedom Bank

Christine Devereaux

SVP, Account Services

Jason's creative thinking, gift of gab and can-do mindset are essential attributes to developing and maintaining relationships that lead to exciting new creative endeavors at DSM.

Derek Remensnyder, DSM

Jason W. Briggs

New Business Development and Creative Strategy Executive

Derek’s creative execution is modern and focused. Our brand was most recently recognized nationally for its high-level impact and reputability. You know you are doing something right when your brand is being acknowledged on a larger scale.

Courtney Miller, CareCentrix

Derek Remensnyder

Creative Director

Meredith combines a wealth of experience, and is our go-to person when we need something. She truly understands our goals, and does it all with a smile. She is a pleasure to work with!

Deborah Neumann, CPT

Meredith Hopken

VP, Account Services

Caitlin’s attention to detail is unmatched. Her vast experience in many different fields allows her to cover accounts on all bases, and she is always a pleasure to work with.

Stacey Reyes, CareCentrix

Caitlin Merklin

Senior Account Manager

We can always count on Kathleen to be there for us! Her quick response time, unmatched attention to detail and efforts in keeping all of us organized is nothing short of outstanding.

Dean Logan, CRS

Kathleen Reilly

Senior Account Manager

Rachel and the team at DSM have been essential to our growth. She’s always providing thorough process explanations and brings a smile to every meeting!

Ian Abrahamsen, Cover Whale

Rachel Cusack

Senior Account Manager

We feel extremely confident with Enrico leading our marketing strategies. He always has our best interests at heart, provides us with comprehensive strategies and goes the extra mile every time.

Doug Jacobs, Inside Rx

Dan Enrico

VP, Strategy

We’ve seen an incredible impact on our businesses with Clayton as the head marketer on our account. From giving data-driven recommendations and always being one step ahead, it’s reassuring to have somebody who can turn our budget into real results.

Michelle Reynolds, Live the Lake NJ

Clayton Pollard

Marketing Manager

Isabelle’s experience in social media strategy combined with her healthcare industry knowledge has really added a depth of knowledge to our marketing team and a valuable resource for our clients.

-Dan Enrico

Isabelle Banky

Marketing Manager

Emily's work on our social media accounts has driven our sales to record highs. Our business wouldn't be the same without her.

Christine Ruggeiro, Liquivida

Emily Crisafulli

Marketing Associate

Matt has the kind of creative vision that makes him one of the most talented people we’ve worked with on our brand. He’s very meticulous, and not to mention his turnaround time is impeccable!

Allie Tully, The Pediatric Orthopedic Center

Matt Kozdron

Senior Graphic Designer

Sierra helped get us out of a bind with her development expertise. We can’t thank her enough for stepping in and making sure our website was functioning optimally.

Alyssa Singleton, Stephens Cup

Sierra de Blank

Graphic Designer/Developer

Wanna Join the band?

Do you want to be a part of a hard-working team that gets things done and done well? If you think you would be a great fit and would like to join the DSM family, then take a look at our open roles!
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