If you’re struggling with where to begin and what to look for when hiring a marketing agency in NJ, it’s a good thing you’re reading this right now. It’s a really good thing, because we’re about to take you through the process, step-by-step, and make sure you know the most important questions that all marketing directors need to ask when interviewing agencies. 

We’re going to be brutally honest to save you the time, trouble and investment of hiring an agency that could take your money but not help you meet your business goals. 

Get comfy, grab a pen, and maybe even a bowl of popcorn while you’re at it, and pay close attention as we provide you with the straight facts, unfiltered. 

To get this proverbial party started, although we can turn it into a real party if you want, we’re kicking it off with the first question that every marketing director should always start by asking when interviewing an agency: 

marketing agency nj

“How familiar are you with my business’s marketing goals and needs?”  

Now, there are marketing agencies in NJ that specialize in different things, whether that’s solely general brand awareness and engagement or driving sales. The tools, knowledge and abilities that agencies have within their arsenal are inherently going to vary based on what they’re all about and what they do. 

By having a general idea of what your business needs before beginning the interview process, by knowing what you’re looking for, it makes it exponentially easier to find an agency to meet those needs.  

So, when looking for an agency, you want to first start off by making sure that their skill-set and experience align with the goals that you have for your business. If those foundational elements aren’t aligned, how is anything going to be accomplished? If your business goals are to accomplish x, y and z, but an NJ marketing agency can only do a, b and c, it’s never going to match up and you’re never going to get the results and the outcomes you need. You’ll be left with nothing but a really confusing jumble of letters. 

When companies are looking to increase sales and profits, sometimes that gets confusing when they solely equate marketing to awareness. Awareness is important, but it’s just one part of the funnel, just one part of the buyer’s journey. There’s so much more that goes into effectively and appropriately meeting the consumer where they are and, then, converting them into a customer. 

That’s why the NJ marketing agency you choose to work with has to have the skill-set required to hit the real goals and fulfill the real needs you have for your business. That’s why you need to ask them if they are familiar with those goals and needs from the get-go. Do it and thank us later. 

To gain access to all of the questions we’ve compiled that you’ll need to ask when looking to hire a marketing agency, get your copy of our free guide, 8 Questions Marketing Directors Should Ask When Interviewing Agencies.