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Social Distancing Doesn’t Mean We Can’t Come Together As a Community

Social distancing doesn’t mean we can’t come together as a community. 

In fact, right now, that’s what’s needed more than ever. 

We’ve hit an inflection point. This week, we’ve been through the ups and downs and back and forth. We’ve seen the volatility and fragility of it all. There’s no playbook or rule book for solving these last few weeks and the last few days. But there’s us and there’s you – and that’s what the world needs. 

We have an obligation to humanity right now. With this obligation comes the unique chance to keep your company and your brand front and center as a source of truth, light and resources. The companies that take this obligation to heart will be the ones that build the trust and loyalty to carry them through. 

Let people know that you’re here to help and that you’ll show up for them. It’s about preparation, not panic, and it’s about becoming more socially connected than ever even though we’re physically apart. 

So, with this obligation, here’s what you can do: 

Be there for your clients.

If your agency has the ability to operate remotely, this is a tremendous opportunity to be a resource for clients and provide immense value. Everyone is stretched and scrambling right now to figure things out for their business. As an agency, you possess the capabilities to help clients pivot in their marketing strategies and come up with a plan to guide them in the right direction with the right message for their market. 

Go the extra mile. See what you can deliver for them beyond your usual cadence of work. Be there to provide a sense of continuity amidst the chaos. Not only will it help your clients, but it will help to strengthen your relationship with them as well. 

Be there for your community. 

The world changed greatly this week. The effects, in totality, we don’t yet know. Everyone has had their own experience. A lot of people are hurting. People are scared. They’re losing their jobs, sources of income and means to provide and put food on the table. 

Whatever you can do to help, please do it.  Just put yourself out there to help somebody, in any way that you can, by any means that you have, in any shape or form. You never know what someone went through this week and you never know who you can connect with and help.  

DSM is here as a resource. We have smart, talented folks that are compassionate and care about our community and our world. If you need assistance with crafting a resume or finding connections, we’re here. Please reach out. We may not be able to guarantee that we’ll be successful 100% of the time, but we can damn well guarantee that we’ll give it all we got. That’s our promise. 

Let’s all promise to give it all we got. Let’s all try to put one foot in front of the other and put others before ourselves.

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