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The Relationship Between PR and Content Marketing Agencies in NJ

We had Meredith Hopken, our Account Director, interview Lee Groeger the Vice President at 3EPR to talk about the symbiotic relationship between PR and content marketing in nj. 

Evolution of Content Marketing

Years ago, it was a lot more simple. Marketers could post a blog loaded with keywords and get a ton of site traffic. The metrics would show a chart going continuously up to the right. Nowadays it’s not so black and white. Content Marketing has evolved along with ever-changing media algorithms and new platforms to release content. 

The backbone of most strategies is a variety of different kinds of content. Almost everything is considered content, for example, content created for clients can be testimonials, newsletters, white papers blogs, website posts, ebooks, videos, etc. The sweet spot is to create content that educates our potential customers for our clients and nurture them through our marketing funnel.

With the evolution of content marketing, Lee said “It’s not about knowing the answers it’s about knowing how to take the test.” Having worked through countless changes in the media landscape, the most important thing to know is that there is a learning curve while also knowing how to onboard new media protocols seamlessly and efficiently. 

Creative Ways to Create Quality Content

In the interview, Meredith also points out that at DSM we have found success by scheduling 30 Minute calls with our clients—the goal is to have the client share their expertise about a specific topic without them having to spend 4 hours getting their thoughts on paper. From there, we take the content and distill it down to more approachable videos to use on social media, and transcribe video into blogs, website pages, email newsletters. This is an effective approach to creating organic content that is not only accurate but also has a quick turnaround and a low budget. 

Lee also talked about how 3E PR uses testimonials as a baseline for various types of content. PR essentially is having an outside party using a positive experience to tell you why you need a product or a service. The testimonial could be used for a multitude of content initiatives, like a social media campaign, blog or ebook.  

Learn more about how we work with 3E PR to help businesses with PR and content marketing in NJ here.

Watch the full video interview here:

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