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Episode 6 – Joey Mazza


We’re particularly excited to hijack the DSM podcast to talk about something near and dear to our hearts, and we welcome Joey Mazza of Eva’s Village to join us and talk about Behind the Seams. The brainchild of DSM, Sal Lauretta for Men, and Bottagra Restaurant, Behind the Seams is an annual charity fashion show that raises money for Eva’s Village in Paterson. We talk to Joey about Eva’s, the challenges they face, and why it means so much to him to be a part of it.

The beginning

The story of how Behind the Seams came to be is a great one, and both Joey and Darren recount how some crazy Robert Graham shirts ultimately led to Ralph Lauretta’s idea to create an event to raise money and showcase the fashions of his shop in Midland Park. Joey speaks to us about the importance of Eva’s for the greater Paterson Community and the changes that he’s seen during his long tenure with the organization.

Business & Philanthropy

We talk with Darren about philanthropy in business – a subject he knows very well as Behind the Seams officially eclipses $1M raised for Eva’s in it’s 9th year. Philanthropy is increasingly important in business and Darren gives us his perspective as a very charitable entrepreneur and an experienced fundraiser. We have to hit Joey with a game – after all, this is Thanks For Playing With DSM…so we test him on his knowledge of Paterson-born celebrities! We go pretty easy on him in the first round…

Round it up

Behind the Seams is a wonderful event, but it’s also a meaningful passion project for Darren and all those involved. We bring the discussion to a close by doubling down on why it’s such an important event, why Eva’s is such a needed resource, and why we all do our part to contribute year after year. Unfortunately our game gets a little tougher for Joey in the second half…but it’s all good because he lives and breathes Paterson and we won’t hold it against him! Check out to get involved and watch Darren and Leon shake their money makers on the runway for a great cause!

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