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Sal Lauretta: Custom Suits and a Custom Experience

Communication is a topic that almost seems too basic to talk about, but it’s actually something that a lot of businesses straight up overlook. Companies know that communication with customers is essential, yet they often go without a plan as to how they are going to implement it. 

For a lesson in how to properly and effectively foster communication with your clients, take a page out of Sal Lauretta’s book. 

With over 45 years in the business, Sal Lauretta for Men is Bergen County’s best tailor. As the premier tailor and high-end clothing shop in northern New Jersey, Sal Lauretta’s specializes in custom-tailored clothing and exquisite personal service. They have everything a well-dressed man could possibly need, from swimwear to tuxedos. 

The attention to detail that they give to every piece extends beyond the clothing to every facet of their relationships with their customers. 

Just as tailoring is a craft and a skill that has been passed down from one generation to the next within the Lauretta family, the same goes for customer service. From watching his father Sal and grandfather Raffaele, Ralph Lauretta learned the values of hard work and serving the customer in the highest regard. He learned that communication is all about building relationships

When the Lauretta family first began their business, digital communication wasn’t a thing; it was all about word of mouth, phone calls and newspaper ads. While these forms of media still apply and are important today, communication with customers outside of the shop is mostly digital now. With the help of our team at DSM, Sal thoughtfully sends out regular email blasts to keep customers in the loop and inform them of any sales or events, and they share the news on social media as well to reinforce the message with their customers. 

Furthermore, it’s important for a business in any industry to be available wherever customers are. In order to succeed and form both solid relationships and a solid communication cadence, you must be willing to adapt to whatever manner of communication your customers are comfortable with. For the Sal Luaretta staff, that means being available over text, too. Their website let’s customers decide how they want to be followed up with, via email, text or phone call. Whether it’s helping them schedule their next appointment or keeping them updated on when their custom suit will be available for pickup, the customer’s needs are always placed first. 

Nowadays, you can buy clothes anywhere. You can order clothes online or go shopping at the mall, but that’s not why people go to Sal’s. They come for the personal touch – the customized fits and the customized experience. The Sal Lauretta staff do everything they can to make sure their customers are taken care of, including daily text communication. That conscious  attention to detail and to the needs of clients is what establishes the difference between Sal Lauretta for Men and a regular run of the mill clothing store. That kind of purposeful, thoughtful engagement is an integral part of growing and establishing your business, and it’s something that every company should be taking into consideration. 

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