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4 Things AI Can’t Do

I challenge you to go a day without hearing something about AI. Good luck!

There’s no hiding how it has integrated itself into the marketing world, and while it may be extremely useful in a lot of cases, there are a few things it just simply can’t do.

Emotionally Connecting with Customers:
AI may excel in many areas, but when it comes to emotionally connecting with customers, it falls short. It cannot sense vibes, decipher mood, or respond with genuine empathy. Connecting and empathizing with clients is of extreme importance. Marketing teams need to be able to relate and connect with their clients to build trust and form healthy relationships that are the basis of successful marketing.

Breaking Free from the Box:
Thinking creatively is essential for innovation, but AI finds itself constrained within rigid algorithms. Its inability to break free from these constraints hinders its capacity for true uniqueness. Instead of fostering creativity, AI remains confined, unable to explore new avenues or think outside the box. Standing out and separating a brand from the rest of the market and all other competitors is crucial. It takes real human intervention to develop genuinely unique and creative ideas.

Grasping the Grand Scheme:
Strategic decision-making requires a deep understanding of the big picture and your brand’s overall goals, yet AI struggles to grasp this concept. Lost in the deeper details of data, it fails to consider the overall well-being of your brand. Without comprehending the broader context, AI falls short in guiding strategic initiatives that drive long-term success. Knowing the overall goals of a business is a huge part of reaching milestones in marketing. Whether it be expanding your audience or gaining impressions, it takes the human ability to step back and understand more than just the fine details to do so.

Translating Data into Actual Insights:
While AI excels at crunching numbers and processing vast amounts of data, it often needs to improve when it comes to translating these insights into meaningful conclusions. Communicating its findings effectively is akin to talking to a brick wall, leaving clients dissatisfied and craving actionable insights. Despite its prowess in data analysis, AI’s inability to articulate its discoveries diminishes its value in practical applications. Clients need not only to see but hear the findings of all their marketing efforts. This is important not only to show that their money is not being wasted but to show that progress is being made. Let’s face it, if you could interpret the data just by seeing it, you probably wouldn’t need a marketing team to begin with.

While AI might not be able to do these things, it can be a useful sounding board to generate preliminary ideas for you to expand on or an efficient way to collect data to save time while you create a report. However, it’ll never replace the touch human marketers have on creating an exquisite campaign. If you’re looking for ways to develop a more effective marketing strategy but have hit a brick wall, chat with our experts. We’re here to help!

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