Ready to Get Your Marketing Problems Solved?

We get it… the last thing you want to do is go another quarter (or month, or week) with the same tired results you had before. You KNOW growth is possible, you just need someone to help you get there. That is what our experts specialize in. Our client success stories prove it.

What to Expect From Us

When you hire DSM, you’re getting the support of an entire team working on your account. That’s why we’re so successful for our clients — we bring the firepower and expertise that they’ve never had access to before.

If you’re seriously considering hiring an agency to take your marketing to the next level, we have a three-step on-boarding process.

After that, we just wrap up a little paperwork and you’re officially a part of the DSM family! 


An intro call (20-30 minutes)

This one is pretty quick, it’s just a first date. We just want to get acquainted and hear about the frustrations you’re dealing with to see if we’d be a good fit.

A discovery call (45-60 minutes)

OK, we’re definitely into each other at this point. This call is longer, but it’s really important. We go under the hood to dig deep into your goals, your challenges, and what makes your business tick.

Proposal Presentation (60 minutes)

Things are getting pretty serious now, and we’re thinking about putting a ring on it. Our team then builds a custom proposal based on the findings from our discovery call. Unlike other agencies, we’re not just going to send you a PDF. We’ll walk you through it and make sure all your questions are answered in real time.

Get in Touch.

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(201) 989-0238
Janine profile

“We’ve built an incredible relationship with the team at DSM. Their process dovetails perfectly with the work our internal marketing team is doing to help us meet and exceed our goals.”

Janine NowatzkyManaging Director - Inside Rx

“We know great style and design when we see it, that’s why we love working with DSM. The incredible branding and creative work speaks for itself.”

Ralph LaurettaGeneral Manager - Sal Lauretta

“DSM is helping us build a strategy...and it's bringing us results. Not only are we getting qualified leads each month, but they help us understand how and where the next opportunity lies for us as a business.”

Arti ShahExecutive Vice President - Global Marketing, NIS