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Homage Episode 41: Tony Solimine

Mr. Solimine, you’re a national treasure and a true gentleman. Had such a wonderful time catching up with you on this last episode of Homage. Also, thoroughly looking forward to getting my butt whooped by you on Friday on the links. Your smooth swing and gentle sarcasm when I put a shot in the water or OB is a potent combination…perfect parts epic and brutal all in the same breath. Not many other humans I can say that about…to know Tony Solimine is to know greatness incarnate!

In all seriousness, as we spoke about on Homage…it’s been such a pleasure to get to know you and Lorraine. For our kids to go to school together and especially for Luca to have you as a baseball coach at such an early age. You guys are doing a tremendous job raising Luke and Jackson and it should be noted in today’s day and age that your boys are hard-working, thoughtful, and polite. Three extraordinary traits only come from being raised the right way. Kudos to you and your lovely wife.

Throughout the time that I’ve known you…some of the words that come to mind when I think of Tony Solimine are honest, grounded, and witty. You’re a tremendous example of what a great husband, father, son, and coach/mentor should be. I’ve always been drawn to how you make people feel like they’re heard and thus important…in any room. We also have video proof that you’re an exceptional dancer from years past at Behind The Seams. These are all amazing qualities…along with being able to absolutely stripe a golf ball that makes “me want to be TS when I grow up!“.

To put a bow on episode 41, Tony Solimine this Homage is yours. You’ve been a wonderful friend and I am exceptionally proud to know you. You have a knack for putting a smile on people’s faces and that is such a noble trait. You’re an exceptional professional…but you’re an even better human being pal. Looking forward to creating more memories in the future and being immense.


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