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Traditional Media

Who said traditional media is dead? Not us.

A true marketing ecosystem approach favors a hybrid of digital and traditional marketing tactics.

A true marketing ecosystem approach favors a hybrid of digital and traditional marketing tactics. It’s all about making sure your brand is being seen everywhere and meeting your ideal customer where they are, which can often be in a magazine, on a billboard, or in their mailbox.

Christine placing an ad for Freedom Bank

Christine Devereaux

SVP, Account Services

Our traditional media veteran Christine Devereaux is one of the most connected people in Northern New Jersey’s traditional media scene.

A traditional media strategy that’s best for your brand.

DSM is one of the top traditional media agencies in NJ, and our traditional media veteran Christine Devereaux is one of the most connected people in Northern New Jersey’s traditional media scene. Most media companies are going to direct you toward their own publications and ad space that benefits them.

At DSM, we’re going to create a traditional media strategy that’s best for your brand. Working with an experienced traditional media agency like DSM is not only good for your strategy, but our connections and longevity ensure we can also help you negotiate the best prices and placements for your spend.

Paired with our award-winning creative team, we design and execute everything from simple newspaper ads to full-size billboards on some of the most heavily trafficked roads in the state!

Want to see more traditional media creative samples?

View some of our award-winning traditional media campaigns.

Inside Rx brochure standing

Just what the doctor ordered

See how DSM increased brand awareness and physical visibility as we extended our out-of-home placements to waiting rooms.

A Goodyear Lubricants Flyer

Reinventing an icon

See how DSM got revved up, put rubber to the road and got started on what would be a modern update to a well-known household name.

A Corporate Essentials vehicle in a branded wrap

So much more than coffee

See how DSM convinced a coffee company that they sell culture highs. Not caffeine highs.

Hand holding Massage Envy postcard mailers

Direct Mail Advertising

Established marketers understand that good promotion requires multiple points of contact.

Rarely will a person make a decision to buy after only one touch. With the right targeting, direct mail can still be a viable part of a solid traditional marketing strategy for local businesses, political campaigns, and more.

We can’t promise your audience will want to hang it on their fridge, but with eye-catching creative and sharp targeting, we can get your message into the hands and mailboxes of your target through one of traditional marketing’s most common approaches.

Television & Radio Advertising

Streaming / Television Advertising

The way we consume TV has shifted dramatically.

Younger generations are cutting the cord and prefer to stream, while older generations are still watching traditional broadcasts and cable. No matter who you’re targeting with your TV commercial, we have the expertise to develop a TV advertising strategy that will get you in front of your target audience. Terrestrial and Cable, or Over-The-Top and Connected TV, whatever the platform, we’ve got it covered.

Radio Advertising

Need your customers to really hear your message?

Placement is key for your radio commercials and we have the connections to get you heard. Whether it’s local radio, satellite, or streaming audio, DSM has the creative services and traditional marketing strategy to get your message heard.

Newspapers, Magazines & Trade Publications

Full-page, half, quarter, or spread; we do it all here at DSM.

We select the best traditional media publications for our clients and secure quality placements in both local and national media. Some people may think newspaper advertising is a thing of the past, but they couldn’t be further from the truth.

Newspapers, magazines, and trade publications are still essential to a good traditional media strategy and can get you plenty of engaged eyeballs. We have the connections to get you the best print advertising placement in Northern NJ, the question is: are you ready for it?

See how DSM turns print collateral into digital ebooks as gated content for our clients.

Billboards & Out Of Home Signage

A billboard in the right location – with the right creative – can make your brand unforgettable.

If you’re familiar with Eat Clean Bro and Brandon J. Broderick, you probably have billboard advertising to thank. Advertising on the roadways of Northern New Jersey can get you visibility with millions of eyeballs each month. Pair it with a savvy award-winning creative team like ours, and you have a recipe for billboard advertising success. Thinking about national exposure? We do that too.
Live the Lake NJ's Salty vs Fresh billboard display
Father and daughter hauling a bunch of beach items and looking miserable


The first product a customer takes off the shelf isn’t always the best product…

It’s just the one that has the best packaging. You’ve spent a ton of time and energy developing your product. Let our creative team put together the packaging that will make your customers fall in love.
Goodyear's Protekt Lubricants packaging

Trade Shows

Tired of your tired trade show booth? If you need a booth that turns heads and actually drives foot traffic, you’ve come to the right place.

By the way, our digital team has strategies to increase engagement with your ideal audience before AND after the trade show. If you want to hear how we do it, set up a call with our experts.
Darren sitting atop a countertop next to many DSM awards
Darren sitting atop a countertop next to many DSM awards

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