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Top 3 Questions To Ask When Switching Agencies

Switching agencies is more common than you think. Maybe you’re not thrilled with your current agency’s efforts or feel you no longer mesh well together after some turnover. Finding an agency with good communication, fresh ideas, and similar values is the key to success. If you’re looking to make a change but nervous about falling into the same slump, ask the new potential agency these questions!

What does a good client and agency relationship mean to you?

Setting goals and expectations in terms of how both businesses operate is crucial. If you’re going 80 mph one way and your agency is going 80 in the opposite direction, you each may be traveling fast, but you’re never going to get to the same final destination. It’s not just about building any relationship, it’s about building one of value. Ensure the agency’s values and efforts align with yours. Ensure that they value your ideas and concerns. And most importantly, ensure that they understand your goals and will work to reach them with you. 

How do you track your efforts?

An agency should be tracking its efforts to show you both the actions that are being

performed and the results that come from them, whether positive or negative. People hate hearing the word “negative,” but a trustworthy agency will share what they learned from the things that didn’t work along with the news of what did work.. It’s important to establish this relationship with your new agency. Whether it’s good or bad, all results can shape further efforts and prompt new ideas. There’s no hiding that marketing can sometimes be a bit of educated assumptions and testing, but something can be learned from any results, even campaigns that flop. Make sure your agency is reporting back to you on the good and the bad. 

What will communication look like?

Knowing your main point of contact is an integral part of fostering a solid client and agency relationship. Your point of contact has to be somebody you can trust. When switching agencies, it’s important to guarantee consistent communication so you can be informed of efforts, address concerns, and stay updated with future plans. Unfortunately, sometimes things go wrong. With a clear understanding of who to contact, you can address issues quickly, even outside working hours.
Don’t be ashamed if your current agency is turning out not to be the right fit. You deserve an agency that you mesh well with! These questions only scratch the surface of all the things to consider when hiring an agency. You can find more helpful questions to ask here. To talk with one of our experts and to see if we’re the right agency for you, get in touch here!

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