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DSM Welcomes Shanti Gold as New Sales Consultant

DSM is excited to announce the addition of our new Sales Consultant, Shanti Gold. Shanti is a good friend of our CEO, Darren Magarro and has 25+ years of experience in sales, sales coaching, partnering with businesses to increase sales and the media industry as a whole.


sales goalsThe universe works in mysterious ways.

I’ve found – when faced with important moments – it helps to be thoughtful and visualize what you want. It’s good to put your ideas out there and see what the universe returns.

I’ve recently been exploring the next chapter of my career. As part of that journey, I’ve looked around at what’s out there, including new industries, thought leaders and trends. And, of course, I’ve looked at specific companies. DSM immediately grabbed my attention. I know the President & Founder, Darren Magarro. We’ve worked together in the past, and I’m proud to call him a friend.

Now, in my career transition phase, I took a deeper look at DSM from an “outside” perspective. And (I never shared this with the folks at DSM) I quietly admired them and envisioned what it might be like to be part of their team. They are ridiculously smart. They are creative, knowledgeable and innovative. It’s clear they have a work-hard-have-fun, tell-it-like-it-is, no-nonsense culture. They are guided by strong integrity and doing the right thing, always, both for each other and their clients. They love to win. Darren leads by example and would take a punch for anyone on his team, any day. They appear to be a real family. “Man,” I thought (silently to myself), “that’s the kind of place I’d really like to work.”

Imagine my amazement when – during a text exchange with Darren where I was soliciting general career wisdom – he sent the following: “We think you’d be a great fit for our culture. Why don’t you come sell for us?”

And as fast as my fingers could type “YES,” it was a done deal. As part of starting my own business, Grow With a Pro Business Consulting, I am thrilled and honored to representing DSM as part of the new business development team.

Did I mention the universe works in mysterious ways?

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