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Homage Episode 36: Chris Snee

Boss, this homage is for you…and like you, we’re gonna keep this write-up SHORT and SWEET. The past 5 years of coaching have gone by quickly and you’ve taught me a great deal about a game I played for years and thought I had a pretty good grasp of. Turns out…I had a ton to learn. You’re a fierce competitor and yet have given so much of yourself to us coaches and more importantly to our sons. These boys do not know how lucky they are to have you leading them through these formative years…you’re masterful at understanding the balance of teaching and pushing them to achieve all while keeping it fun. Simply, the proof has been the showcase on the field and how the program has grown from literally nothing five years ago to the force it is today. This is because of your tireless dedication to the boys…and the drive to give back while holding a job that has you traveling up and down the northeast corridor every week. Just immense. The second part I want to speak about has nothing to do with sports. Rather your tireless dedication to your family and being there to help children like Camila through your work with The Jay Fund. I know you’re never going to tout all the time and care you give to others…so I am going to do it for you here today. I’ve been fortunate enough to see firsthand how you are with Hartley…and in turn our daughter Tessa. You’re a dedicated “boy dad”…but you’re an immense “girl dad”. That is something I’ve gotten to witness firsthand and is so impressive. One of the things that I’ve also gotten to see is the plethora of folks wanting a piece of you because you are a professional athlete…that comes with a responsibility whether you’re active or retired. You handle yourself with grace and integrity in every situation I’ve ever seen you. You’re also pretty comical once you get past that tough exterior, hombre. You have a way of keeping us guessing and always keeping it light amongst friends…even when you’re “testing” something. I’ve learned many things from you over the past few years…one of the most important is you’re always learning and watching. You have a keen eye for the littlest details…and the attention paid to them…and ultimately it usually ends up in success (both on the field and in your life). In closing my friend, I’m really glad you chose me all those years ago to help on this journey. It’s been special to learn under you (and to do so with my son playing and excelling)…what’s been even more compelling is getting to share special time hacking up golf courses or just mucking it up at events with the wives and creating some memories. Chris, this Homage is yours and I’m thankful to call you a friend. Keep up the fantastic job you’re doing as a husband, father, son, brother, and friend.


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