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Homage Episode 38: Charlene Wingfield

Charlene…where would I/DSM be without you? My dearest Char, you are such an immense human being…beyond being John Nash Part Deux! Words cannot express the deep gratitude that I have for our relationship. You have not only become one of the backbones of DSM – literally and figuratively with how you’ve guided the finances of DSM through the years, but you and your family have become a part of us and our family. As I spoke about in the video, all it took was a simple question to Andy all those years ago to change the trajectory of our lives. It’s been pretty special Char and I am eternally grateful for you and all you mean to me.

In business, I consider myself the luckiest owner in the world. Your passion for numbers and solving financial puzzles is astounding. I stand in awe of you because frankly…I don’t possess this skill. Math is my nemesis…you, you devour numbers. It’s literally like watching A Beautiful Mind and watching magic happen. There have been so many times where you’ve come to me and said here’s the puzzle pieces, here’s the folding table…I’ve already got the puzzle solved. Then, my jaw drops. No joke, you have a knack for making the complex simple, and this, my dear, is a gift. The thing that is most astounding about your sharp wit is how relatable you make it to “us idiots” on planet Earth. I love you for that and know that your skillset is off the charts.

Now, my favorite part of who Charlene is and “the why” behind it. Char, I don’t know how to say this other than how I am going to say it…you are the personification of the human spirit and everything good about the world. You care for your family and friends immeasurably, and you are such a gracious host ALL FOOTBALL SEASON with your home…but, BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY YOU’RE AN AMAZING WIFE, MOM, AND DAUGHTER. To juggle what you and Andy have during any given sports season is astounding. Not only that, but your kids are all tremendous humans. You guys have done a masterful job and it’s something that I get to behold year after year…and marvel at. Char, you take care of everyone around you with no bullshit strings or conditions attached to the care and love you give to others. That is a gift…it is amazing and it’s one of the main reasons this Homage is for you. I love you to death, Charlene Wingfield. You’re like a sister to me and I can’t imagine my life without you in it. Don’t change for anyone!

To close Char, this very special Homage is yours. I am eternally grateful for you, your family, and all the laughs and cries that we’ve had…you really are the epitome of what a human being should be and I am happy that you chose DSM all those years ago. Seems like a world ago when we were all kids at Ramapo growing up. You got to see us then and now you get to hang out with the “old man version” of DSM. My hope is that you never lose what makes you so special – the gift of caring immensely for others. It’s something that is innate and IMHO, cannot be taught. You embody those virtues and values every day. Your family and our team are blessed. As a working mom, you probably don’t hear it enough…THANK YOU. Thank you for all the special things you mean and that you do for others in your life. Char, this Homage is yours. Love ya, kid!


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