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Homage Episode 40: Pietro Barberi

My friend Pietro…there’s never been a man with a better laugh and larger calves than you pal. You embody all that is good with the human spirit and I am grateful beyond measure to have met you a few years ago…and have shared many a great time with you. Here’s the thing with Pietro, it doesn’t matter who you’re with or what you’re doing…it’s always a good time. You have a way of making those around you better. That is a fantastic trait for a leader – in life, in business, and in sports.

I met you probably 4 years ago when the boys were young and in youth football. Now, here’s the thing…we’ve never actually coached together at any level because Lorenzo is two years younger than Luca. Somehow, our paths crossed and I have to say that you have been one of the most memorable relationships in my life. There’s been convos over work, convos over family and the proverbial barrel rolls off the back of golf carts at NJCC (I take full responsibility for this mishap) and I am just glad it wasn’t 10 feet sooner or you would have ended up in the pond on #7. All good things moving forward my friend. Your spirit is next level and your passion on all fronts is an amazing example to those around you…even in the midst of chaos.

Another big point on Pietro that really sets him apart is his business acumen. There’s nothing phony about Pietro. What you see if what you get…it’s a quality that doesn’t go unnoticed by those around you. You work very hard to be a great owner, husband, father, and son. Your family is extremely blessed and you can see that with every interaction. You and Laine are doing a fantastic job raising great kids. Around town, you give of yourself to coach youth sports instilling in our town’s kids the same lessons you teach at home. These kids are better for that Pietro…don’t stop being you pal.

To close episode #40 of Homage, I am grateful for you Pietro Barberi. You’re a class act and a great friend. I admire your work ethic immensely and how you dedicate yourself to your family and the kids of this town are really cool to watch. Getting the opportunity to call you a friend has been a blessing in my life and I wish you nothing but the best in life and business…no one more deserving than you brother. This Homage is yours pal…#40 in the books!


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