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Meet Kendall Picone: One of Our New Interns!

Hi, everyone! My name is Kendall, one of the DSM Group’s freshest. Oh, I’m also one of their newest interns. Lol. Dad jokes. Ugh. Anyway, I am a Senior at Montclair State University where I’ve been studying (and having minor panic attacks about) marketing. I love MSU and the university’s amazing business programs. The brand new business school makes me feel like I can conquer the world. I’ve spent more time in the business school’s cafe than I have in my own apartment. I’m not complaining; they have some pretty awesome paninis.

Kendall MSU

So… What’s her deal?

I live in a small, boring town in Morris County that no one has ever heard of called Mount Olive. It’s pretty lame, but there’s no pride like MO pride. We need heavy security at our high school basketball games because the student section gets super heated. Also, the pizza places are insane. Valentinos is the best. (This is NOT a paid ad.)

I live with my lovely parents and two hellions: my younger sisters. Kailey is 18 and baby Kelsey is actually 15, but she’s still my baby. I have the craziest family in the world; there’s never a dull moment. I’m the owner of the most ridiculous dog in the world, Joey. He has a human name to match his freakishly human-like characteristics. I mean, the animal actually sits at the dinner table with us and eats off a plate. Joey is an 11-year-old Cav-a-poo, which is an unnecessary abbreviation for a Cavalier Spaniel and Poodle mix. He is actually my best friend, even though he likes my boyfriend more than me. Rude.

Kendall sisters      Joey St. Patricks Day

It’s the little things.

I love being at the beach or in the city because the change of environment from the most boring town in Jersey is bliss. I love Jersey and I never want to leave because you get both the coolest beaches AND New York City within reach. I LOVE The 1975. I saw them in concert at MSG and hysterically cried 75% of the time. My friends are my favorite people in the world, along with my super cool boyfriend John. (I mean, the kid works at Electric Lady Studios. I wish I was as cool as him.) My favorite part of the day is getting ready in the morning because I get to play with makeup, which I love. Other than that, I am pretty bland and enjoy the little things in life, like those super-satisfying slime videos on Instagram and people-watching in the richer parts of the city. I’m not hard to entertain.

Kendall Montclair     Kendall Hartigan Studios

What am I doing here?

For some odd reason, I knew I wanted to be in advertising and marketing since I was a freshman in high school. Since then, I have been a business class nerd and am actively pursuing that goal in college. I stumbled upon the DSM Group by typing in “marketing agencies near me” when I was in my boyfriend’s basement. After stalking DSM’s website and blog posts, I pictured myself there because of the awesome vibe and remarkable work. Also, they promised beer. 🙂

I am so excited to start my journey at the DSM Group. I have a lot of growing and learning to do, but I have never been so eager to get going in my life. Stay tuned, I’m not done here!

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