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Our Marketing Agency: A New Revolutionist

First off, I’d like to introduce myself as DSM’s summer intern. My name is Jen Gangeri and I am currently a junior at Marist College studying Digital Media and Art & Advertising Design.
A few days before I started my internship here at DSM, Darren was kind enough to invite me to join him and the rest of the group at the 3rd Annual “Behind the Seams” Fashion Show hosted by Sal Lauretta for Men to benefit Eva’s Village. It only took me a few hours to realize that I was going to have one of the coolest internships ever! The charity event and the clothing shown during the fashion show were incredible.
After just a few weeks working with DSM, I’ve learned and experienced what it’s like to be involved with a full- blown advertising agency (also reminding me that I’m not ready to leave college and venture into that thing they call the real world).
I have been obsessed with playing and watching sports since I was little. I was that girl that wore the sweat bands and wristbands 24/7 waiting to play a game, whether it was with my team or a pick up game with a few friends. This is one of the main reasons why I love the theme behind The DSM’s Groups Wristband Revolution. Yes, I said it The Wristband Revolution is back! Not only do I get to wear a cool orange wristband, but also I get to take part in running a revolution (something I’ve never done before). Last summer, DSM’s Wristband Revolution was exactly that: a revolution! The social media campaign reached thousands of people across the globe, and the DSM gang still wants to kick it up a notch. This year, DSM decided that it would use its power to lend a helping hand and start a different revolution, one that truly matters. Last year, they asked to see what their friends could do with their creativity skills, and now – they want to see what their friends can do for the benefit of others. This year’s wristband revolution contest goal: to capture every helping hand…with an orange wristband on it.
DSM chose to support Street 2 Street, a sports tournament program for inner city youth. Street 2 Street is a part of Athletes in Action, a nationwide program that builds spiritual and hopeful movements through the platform of sports.
I’ve always been a person that gave back to benefit others. Being a sports fanatic, one of the things I decided to do was volunteer as a coach for my town’s recreational softball program. I coached a team for two years (making it to the championship one year might I add). Although, winning games was not my priority; I focused on improving basic fundamental skills and more importantly to have fun while they were with their team. Over the course of coaching this team for two years I formed memorable relationships and now see some of the girls playing at a high school varsity level. Lending a helping hand to others, especially those who look up to you, not only makes you feel good about what your doing but also makes you realize how much the kids really appreciate your help.
From what I’ve been told, last summer was off the walls reaching thousands of people across the world. We want to make this revolution bigger and better than last year so get out, put an orange wristband on, and lend a helping hand.
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