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Testing & Reporting: 2 Things You Should Be Focusing On in 2023

What if we told you that you could test and report on nearly every touchpoint you have with your customer? You’d probably say, “Impossible!” If that’s the case, you most likely are working with a marketing team, whether in-house or agency-based, that is ignoring one of the most essential parts of digital marketing: testing and reporting. In 2023, it’s never been easier to A/B test your strategy and build the correct marketing infrastructure to analyze it. Testing and reporting go hand in hand in the world of digital marketing, and in today’s blog, we’ll tell you why if your team isn’t testing their strategies and adequately reporting on them, you could be missing out on essential growth!

Make Sure Your Digital Marketing Agency Is Testing!

Imagine improving each aspect of your marketing funnel by 10%. How much growth would you be seeing? How much extra revenue would that bring in? In 2023, digital marketing agencies can test almost everything, from your email subject lines and social captions to your creative and more. As the famous saying goes, “nothing changes if nothing changes.”Failing to test the various components of your digital marketing campaigns will keep getting the same results, if not a decline over time. If you don’t change, you’ll be in the same place you’ve always been, getting the same results, ultimately costing you money in lost potential revenue. The first idea is rarely the best, and it’s essential to take the time to really comb through any and all ideas. If your team doesn’t have the time for that, it may be a bandwidth issue. If so, it may be time for a new digital marketing agency in NJ!

Is Your Digital Marketing Agency Reading Their Reports?

Data should be at the absolute heart of the decision-making when it comes to scaling your business using marketing, whether you’re using an advertising agency or your team is in-house. As previously stated, you can test every component of your strategy, which means that nine times out of 10, you can get specific, actionable metrics from your data. Truly understanding the data you have can be difficult, and if your team is struggling to find actionable insights, they may have an experience gap that needs to be addressed. A knowledgeable team not only understands these reports but will pivot based on the data. Many digital marketing agencies in NJ and beyond often suffer from analysis paralysis, seeing so many numbers that they can’t act. Don’t get stuck in this situation. Make an action plan and make some changes and review the results! An experienced team can cut through the inconsequential numbers and know the correct ones to analyze. 

Two Important Things To Keep An Eye On In 2023!

Ultimately, if your digital marketing agency or in-house team isn’t testing your marketing, you’re missing out. Period. In 2023, almost every component of a digital marketing strategy has a testable and trackable aspect to it. Gone are the days of marketers sitting in boardrooms deciding what their customers want. Today, the customers are telling you what they like, and more importantly, what they don’t like, every step of the way. An excellent digital marketing or advertising agency in NJ will have multiple options for customers to act on and then have the wherewithal to dive deep into the numbers and figure out where to go next. If this doesn’t sound like your team, then you’re going to need the experts. You can reach the data-hungry, decision-making, number-analyzing professionals here! 

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