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Why The Bandwidth Of Your Marketing Team Matters

As marketing as an industry evolves, marketers are now wearing many hats, but is that hurting the growth of your business? 62% of marketing leaders say that the biggest cause for lack of business growth comes from the team’s bandwidth to execute goals and objectives. Lack of bandwidth can come from financial struggles, understaffing, poor time management and heavy workloads. Here are some signs that your marketing team is struggling and how it can impact your business…

Deadlines Aren’t Being Met

You may find that your team is behind on tasks and deadlines are being missed. Failure to meet the mark can cause the loss of revenue and missed business opportunities. As one deadline gets pushed back, so do the others, and you may find that one late task leads to ten, furthering the consequences of having an overextended marketing team.

The Quality Of Work Is Inconsistent

If your marketing team is struggling to distribute work evenly, due to lack of staff or poor time management, the quality of the work will take a hit. When the content your in-house marketing team produces waivers in quality, consumers begin to feel as if your business is unreliable and could start to look to a competitor for the security they desire. Inconsistency in work also means performance may drop, decreasing your ROI. 

Your Goals No Longer Align

It is crucial to have a marketing team that strives to help your business grow. If your team is no longer united under the goal of growing a successful business, you may start to find carelessness and poor decision making creep in. Unfortunately, when a marketing team is struggling with bandwidth, the desire to reach goals alongside you will disappear, and content will be produced solely to meet contracted deadlines. It’s essential that your marketing team, whether they are in-house or a marketing agency, is dedicated to the goal of growing the business or service. 

The industry of marketing is consistently growing, and it’s important your team helps you grow with it. When building your in-house marketing team, ensure that you’ve truly examined their abilities and skill. Ensure that you are constantly taking stock of how much they are working, and be sure to keep up with how they are doing with their current workload. If they get tired, overworked, or fed up, your product or service will suffer quickly. Our solution to an overworked marketing team? Hiring a marketing agency is always a great supplement! To learn more about agencies and what they do, click here to read our blog! If you’re looking for an agency, we know of some pretty talented folks!

Or if your team is cruising and you just want a second set of eyes on your current marketing strategy, we offer a free second opinion with our VP of Strategy, Dan Enrico! Check it out here. 

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