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Homage Episode 42: Austin Randolph

Gotta start this one off in a rather funny way…Austin, you’re my first guest who legally can’t have a frosty libation. You don’t have a driver’s license. You don’t even have a LinkedIn profile (which was interesting because we couldn’t grab a photo of you for the intro card). You see, the guest of episode 42 is Luca’s buddy – Austin Randolph. Austin is all of 13 years old and the reason Austin was my guest on episode 42 of Homage is because AUSTIN IS DOING THINGS OUT IN THE WORLD. This young man started his own brand called Authentic Angelic ( and not only is his entrepreneurial game strong with this budding brand, but his empathy and care for others is a force to match.

You see, a part of all the proceeds he brings through Authentic Angelic goes to St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital to help kids battling cancer and other life-threatening diseases. Austin…buddy, I’ve gotten to coach you in football and lacrosse for a bunch of years. I am proud of the way you compete. That said, nothing compares to my level of respect for you more than getting to speak with you on your brand launch…and more importantly, THE WHY behind it.

Our family has known Austin and his family since the kids started school in Franklin Lakes. Actually, Austin’s older brother Hunter and Olivia started kindergarten together before Austin and Luca were even in school…so we’ve known Austin’s parents Brandyn and Trevor now going on 9 or 10 years. I was completely intrigued when Brandyn posted on Facebook about Austin’s venture. I have to admit, stories like this about young entrepreneurs getting started and being passionate about it make me happy. IMHO, we don’t see it enough from today’s kids because they’re lucky enough to grow up in very fortunate situations. When I got the opportunity to dig in a little bit about the mission of Authentic Angelic, it really got me that a young man like Austin could put so much thought and care into something deep at his age…I certainly did not have it in me at that age to go out and shovel snow or cut grass for neighbors. Austin has a logo, a brand, an e-comm website…and a mission to help others while helping himself. Really amazing stuff!

Austin, I have to say that if you keep on this path… you will do extraordinary for yourself. You have a drive and focus that in talking with you I rarely see in boys your age. In doing that, I challenge you with something even more important…to keep the example of helping others at the forefront of your life’s work. Whether it be Authentic Angelic or myriad other ventures you still have yet to create. That spirit of giving back is something that you should never forget because others will see your example and emulate what you’re doing. Good begets good, my friend.

To wrap this up, I implore anyone who’s watching this or seeing this on “the socials” to please go and support Austin and his mission. You will be supporting a fine young man…and St. Jude’s in the process. It’s a win-win. Austin, proud of you buddy. Keep up the great work and don’t stop being awesome pal. Trev/Brandyn, you’re raising a fantastic young man. Austin, this Homage is yours for helping an old dog like me remember “my why”.



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