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How an Inexperienced Marketing Team is Bad for Your Company’s Success

The more you are entrenched in marketing, the more you know. Right? You might read that and go, “Well, yeah, duh.” But we’ve been seeing more and more companies trying to cut costs by relying on inexperienced marketers to grow their businesses. Budgets are tight, and experience comes with a price tag, but if your marketing team’s inexperience is costing you money in lost growth, you may be paying more than you realize. An in-house marketing team can be inexperienced in many ways. The three areas we see the most inexperience are teams that lack experience across platforms, the inability to report their findings correctly, and failing to test their strategies.

Limited Tactical Experience From Your Marketing Team

It’s crucial for your team to have experience in a wide range of channels and tactics. The more experience they have, the wider range of avenues you’ll be able to operate in. A team that only has experience in Meta advertising will only be able to market you effectively on Meta. Your team must have experts and specialists in a plethora of tactics. Being well rounded on experience is a great way to avoid deadends in your marketing strategy.

Poor Reporting Skills From Your Marketing Team

Data is at the heart of the decision-making process when it comes to testing and scaling. Understanding how your marketing efforts are affecting your growth is almost as important as the actual execution of those efforts. An inexperienced marketer or set of marketers may not be able to completely quantify what is working and what is not and, more importantly, WHY something is working and how to replicate it. This inability can be for a variety of reasons. Not understanding particular tools or metrics, like Google Search Console or Google Analytics, or not completely understanding the goals of the strategy are two frequent pitfalls we see.

Your Marketing Team Failing To Test Their Strategies

Failing to test and iterate will keep you stuck in the status quo and missing out on potential growth and spending money on stagnant ads. An inexperienced marketing team may do one of two things:

  1. Run with the first idea they have, leading to wasted opportunity
  2. Not knowing how actually to test the strategy they developed, leading to wasted opportunity

Marketing strategies often fall apart because they only include one angle, missing potential optimizations and targeting. A great marketing team understands that what’s great could be even better.

We’re not here to trash marketers who aren’t experts in every channel. Everybody starts somewhere. What we are saying is, as the decision maker (Director, CMO, CEO…), you can chose what your marketing team is comprised of. Employing an in-house marketing team that relies on inexperienced marketers will hurt your growth.

So, what’s the solution? Well, we happen to know some real-life marketing rockstars who specialize in growing businesses to their highest potential. Our agency comprises marketing specialists across the marketing ecosystem, including PPC advertising, paid and organic social media, SEO, traditional marketing, and so much more. So, if you’re interested in really getting serious about your marketing and bringing in a team with the technical experience and bandwidth to take your business to the stratosphere, you can reach the experts here!

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