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Homage Episode 17: Steve Guberman

Steve…Stevie…Steve-O, my friend, you’ve become such a trusted friend and compadre over the last year or so. Always knew about you…loved talking with you…but never really dug deep. Until COVID hit…amazing what a little 100-year pandemic can do to bring people together, eh? You’re such a phenomenal soul, and I am so thankful to be on this journey with you, brother. To say that the best lies ahead for our relationship is truly an understatement, and I am looking forward to watching you build out your practice over the coming weeks, months and years.

The one thing that sets you apart from many people that I know is your resiliency. You have an ability to lean into turbulence and really create an aura of calm, which I greatly admire. Maybe because I totally lack that gene. When we speak, you make me feel like I am the most important person in the world. I’ve tried to do this in my own relationships, and it’s difficult. As humans, we always want to interject and be the lead in a conversation. You carry conversations…but you do so with eloquence and empathy. Two traits that I greatly admire…they show that you’ve begun to embrace your journey and can really hear what others are saying. This is going to serve you well as you embark on the next chapter of your entrepreneurial life.

As we begin to create and foster more connections, I am looking forward to playing a small part in what you’re building with Outsight. How I wish I had something like your model when I was starting up DSM. A lot of folks “on the outside” don’t realize how difficult it is not only to run an agency…but also to be an entrepreneur. The two often go “hand in hand,” and the synchronicity of success and growth aren’t normally found in one’s self…rather, they are found in community with others that are living and breathing the same success and failures daily. You, my friend, are going to help many people in their journey, and it should be noted that they’re blessed to have you as a coach and mentor.

My hope for this Homage is that you see how you’re impacting lives around you. Each day, your journey is taking you to places you might have or have not been yet…the cause and effect of those experiences and relationships are going to really facilitate both your and Outsight’s growth. The ability to “have everything” in your life, “on your terms,” shows a great deal of maturity that most people either don’t have the courage to reach for or won’t accept the challenge that is placed before them. You lack neither, brother. In appreciation for you and what you mean to our community, Steve…this Homage is for you.


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