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Homage Episode 16: Chris Vaglio

Mr. Vaglio…my brother! Have admired you (especially your taste in Star Wars and the New York Rangers) since day 1 pal. It’s definitely been a journey since we first met all those years ago in the offices of Grey Sky Films. Remember being in that old office with all the dogs at daycare running overhead…remember being there and being like THIS IS IT! The thought of being where we are all these years later and to see what you’ve accomplished…and more important had the courage to create with Rock It! at this stage of your life is fearless and just totally rad, man. I look at you and see someone who not only has never stopped pursuing their dreams…but also has the thirst to keep helping others in that pursuit. Doesn’t get much purer than that my friend. This Homage is yours and I couldn’t have been more proud to sit down and have the conversation…proud of you, brother.

All the things that we touched on (and foundationally what Rock It! is built on) are a testament to the husband, father and entrepreneur that you are…Chris, when you lead with a Henry Rollins quote on your website – Do it or don’t. It’s amazing in life how many things are that easy…you better be damn sure that you are walking the walk and talking the talk. YOU DO THAT IN SPADES BRO! Staying true to yourself and who you are – Chris, you’re probably 1A, 1B and 1C in my rolodex of life. You literally wear your passions on your sleeves and to those of us that’ve known you for a long time, we know why. You’ve now taken that spirit of “Do or do not do…there is no try” and you’re passing the torch to others who need help doing it for themselves.

Chris, you touch many lives – whether during your time at Grey Sky, the beginning of this new journey with Rock It Growth Agency or through your leadership (and gavel skills) at the NJ Ad Club…I think I can speak for “the majority” here…those that know you, are blessed beyond belief to have the relationship you reciprocate. You’re funny, passionate and give 100% to those you care about. For that, I say HOMAGE TO YOU! Keep up the fantastic work you do daily with our community and continue to be an inspiration to many who look up to you. And one final thing bro…don’t change that infectious laugh and smile. You’ve always been a “breath of fresh air” in a sometimes crappy world.


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