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Digital Marketing Agencies & In-House Marketing Teams: A Perfect Pair

Your business’ growth is important, and it’s even more important to have the team, knowledge and expertise to meet and exceed your goals for the year. Sometimes, an in-house marketing team is simply not enough. Whether it’s a lack of knowledge in a particular area, getting bogged down with time-consuming tasks, or just simply not having the bandwidth and team to hit your aggressive growth goals, there will come a time when you need to expand. The best solution? An external digital marketing agency! Marketing agencies are the perfect complement to an in-house team as they bring additional marketers, come with increased tactical experience, and can help you gain an outside perspective. A digital marketing agency can be the perfect complement to your internal marketing team. 

Digital marketing agencies discuss quarterly strategies.
A digital marketing agency can be the perfect addition to your current in-house marketing team! Above, marketing specialists discuss quarterly strategies.

A Digital Marketing Agency Can Bring Additional Bandwidth To Your Team

There is a lot that goes into being a marketing team, and a digital marketing agency can assist with tasks that bog down your team. Tasks like blog posts, social media calendars, and ad creation take time away from your team, not allowing them to execute higher-impact deliverables. Marketing agencies can take some of this off your in-house team, allowing them to strategize and handle top-level execution. In the end, more hands equal more tasks that can be accomplished, leading to faster growth. 

Increased Tactical Experience From Digital Marketing Agencies

We’re sorry to be the first to tell you here, but there will come a time when the knowledge of an in-house team comes to an end. Bringing in an external marketing agency allows you to dive deeper into existing marketing strategies. Digital marketing agencies have many people who specialize in a variety of verticals within marketing, allowing you to expand your strategy to places it hasn’t gone to before. Most marketers have one or two things that they have deep knowledge of. Agencies are usually larger than in-house teams, bringing significantly more specialists across tactics such as PPC, SEO, social media, traditional marketing and more. For example, your internal team may be really good at organic SEO but lack technical experience in PPC or social advertising. This is a perfect situation to have a marketing agency on hand, as you’ll be able to expand into other areas that your team previously lacked.

Gain An Outside Perspective From Digital Marketing Agencies

When chasing down your aggressive growth goals, it can be easy to get tangled up in your own plans, especially when you’re passionate about them. In addition to helping you grow your business, a marketing agency can bring an unbiased opinion to your in-house marketing team and give you perspectives that your team may not have. Outside, well-thought-out approaches can shape and change the trajectory of your strategy, allowing you to hit your growth goals faster. 

A Match Made In Heaven

If you’re consistently missing your growth goals, it may be time to bring in a digital marketing agency. It’s important to remember agencies are not there to replace your team, but are there to complement it and make you look like the rockstars. They are there to offer helpful insights, take busy work off of your internal team’s plate and bring additional tactics and strategies to your team. So, what if you’re looking for one? Well, we know of one that just so happens to be the best marketing agency in NJ, so we’ll just leave that there.

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