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Homage Episode 31: Fred Karamanol

Fast Freddy coming in hot right after Kevin was an awesome treat. This Homage is yours, pal. I can’t believe it’s been seven years since we were introduced, going back to the “frat house” days at 599 Franklin. Damn, it seems like such a long time ago, but in reality, it’s been a blink. Since day one, you’ve been such a great friend and a huge help to the growth of DSM. You’re inspiring in so many ways, and I am very thankful to Pat Capra for making the introduction all those years back. Who knows where DSM would be today without you and your guidance, brother.

When I write these, I usually try to be “off the cuff,” but this one needed some “radical candor” because of how much effort you’ve put into our company and me over the last several years, even as you’ve struck out on your own to build something special for yourself. I am incredibly proud of you and what you’ve put into building your own company. Lord knows IT AIN’T EASY. You’ve attacked this with the same passion and energy I’ve come to know from my time as a client when you were at Insperity. To know Fred Karamanol is to understand energy. He doesn’t stop pursuing the goal until every stone is unturned and every possible outcome is explored. It’s helped our business immensely, and that same passion and energy will certainly come forth as Kustom grows in the days, weeks and months ahead.

On the flip, Fred is also the consummate husband and father, which is amazing to see. I hold this in the highest regard when speaking about Fred to others. His character is second to none, and that, in my opinion, is Fred’s best trait. He listens, always takes the time to go well out of his way to ensure that his friends are thoroughly cared for, and leaves nothing to chance. This thoroughness exudes in all facets of his life (including his golf game, which is killer), and it’s utterly commendable.

Fred, this Homage is yours, pal. I stand in awe of you and how you’re achieving great things each and every day. You’re a high achiever, a fantastic friend and a polished professional in all that you do. I am mucho grateful to be able to walk alongside you as you embark on these new and challenging journeys in your life. Proud of you, brother. You push me to be better with your attitude toward life. Keep doing your thing, and I’m excited to watch things unfold in the future.


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