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Homage Episode 32: David Brodsky

Episode 32 in the can, and I am super thankful for the opportunity to pay Homage to my brother David Brodsky. This one is particularly awesome because (as I’ve noted in previous Homages) this episode focuses on someone who hasn’t been in my life for a very long time but has made an epic impact on me personally and professionally. We tend to feed off one another when we’re together, sparking many ideas and energy and I am super grateful for it. 

David (like Fil a few episodes ago) came into my life through our friend Drew O’Brien (also a fellow Homage), catching the drift here. These guys all pay it forward and take care of one another. They continually pour into each other and those around them. David takes the lead in many of these endeavors, and it shows. 

Dave and Fil are investing in many business endeavors and, as such, investing in myriad lives in and around their community. The best way to explain David (and when you speak with him) is “a spark…that lights a fire…that turns into an inferno”. There’s a ton of passion and energy. I enjoy that immensely when I am with him.

David is also a passionate husband. I love seeing his social posts of him and his wife traveling or out dining all over the world. It’s a beautiful thing to see when someone who is keenly business-minded also takes great pride in how he cares for his family. You can’t fake that, and it is on full showcase when you see how David handles his business. His pride, both personally and professionally, is outstanding, and it brings me a great deal of joy to call him a dear friend. 

To conclude this Homage, one element of David stands out above and beyond that attracted me to his presence early on in our relationship. Something that is dearly important to me, and I see it a lot in both David (and Fil) – IF YOU NEED A SHIRT OFF THESE GUYS’ BACKS, THEY GOT TWO FOR YOU. They have seen many ups and downs, and THEY PAY THAT FORWARD, NO QUESTIONS ASKED. It’s probably the noblest part of David and his being. He busts his ass; he’s fearless and, most importantly, compassionate in his endeavors. Brother, thank you for your friendship. This Homage is yours, and I look forward to many more good times and laughs with you.


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