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Public Relations

DSM, located in Bergen County, NJ, is an experienced public relations firm with the tools, knowledge and relationships to get your business in front of potential customers. It’s not just about getting space in your local weekly once in a blue moon. It’s about a well-researched and well-executed public relations strategy that will help you accomplish your business goals. We believe in the nimble approach to public relations, with focused strategy, creative execution and measurable results.

As one of the best PR firms in northern New Jersey, our creativity and innovation has allowed us to create strong media relations throughout the Metro (NJ/NYC) area, providing our clients with a stronger basis for press coverage opportunities. From social networking to reputation management to press releases, we want to create the maximum amount of positive exposure possible in order to best benefit your company. No matter your company’s industry or publicity needs, DSM is the answer to all your PR questions.


Whether your company is looking to develop your corporate brand or create a larger online presence, DSM can offer our expertise. Our agency has experience working with numerous NJ and NYC clients, and we’d love for your company to be the next to join us.

Press Releases

Sure, press releases are a good way to get the word out about company news. But well-written press releases are sure to make a much bigger impact.

Our northern NJ public relations agency will help craft innovative messages for your organization, and share them with the media so your public is aware of your latest updates.

Whether the goal is to share news of an achievement within the company or to provide publicity for new events or products, you can rest assured knowing that we’ll make sure it gets in front of the right people at the right time.

Message Development

What do you want your company to be known for?

Whatever your desired brand is, trust us to develop key messages that align with your company’s values and goals, allowing you to effectively convey exactly who you are to your target audience.

We’ll craft a memorable message for your public, no matter what your goals are, and we’ll make sure your company is represented by content that will help your brand rise above the rest.

Social Media

Social media marketing is an increasingly growing presence, providing users with by-the-second updates as they happen within the world – so why wouldn’t you want your company to be a part of this?

Our NJ-based agency recognizes the importance of social media in generating new views for your company. This is a quick way to share press releases, blog posts and company updates, keeping you in your audience’s mind.

Not only will we help you craft customized messages for your various sites, such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, but we’ll also present your content in a fresh, interesting way while still remaining newsworthy and relevant.

Content and Editorial Strategy

We see the importance of developing a fresh and unique strategy when it comes to content – you’ll never work with our public relations agency and think, been there, done that.

When it comes to the design, copy and images associated with your organization, we will ensure that it’s presented in an interesting and enticing manner, while staying true to your brand.

Entrusting us with the development and distribution of your company’s content is the first step in paving the way for a successful future.

Reputation Management

The expectations that people hold about your company is considered your reputation. We’ll make sure that when it comes to these expectations, people associate your company with quality products and experiences, and that they aren’t let down.

Your company’s reputation is fundamental in how your public perceives you – it determines what people say, feel and believe about you. Trust our New Jersey public relations agency to not only maintain your distinguished reputation, but to also develop a strong crisis management plan if your image is ever jeopardized (because hey, it can’t hurt to be prepared).

We’ll connect your brand to your reputation, creating a memorable image within the public eye.

Local Outreach

It’s important to make sure your content is being distributed to its full potential, and the local press is a surefire way to share news about your company with the community.

Rely on our agency to use our connections with the local NJ media in order to promote your company to its fullest potential.

Whether it’s an event, a new product or simply news about your organization, we’ll match your company’s goals with the best possible local media coverage, and make sure that your company is well-represented.

Media Relations

Media relations is an extremely important force in the world of public relations – if a company is lacking the connections needed to share their newest developments, how will they ever be able to give their audience what they want?

We want you to make your audience happy, so let our Bergen County public relations agency use our connections to your advantage. We will help you identify the outlets your target audience interacts with most, and we’ll work to enhance your relationship with those sources.

Here’s a little secret: a strong public relations plan and a strong media relations plan is a winning combination for the success of your company. And trust us – we know both of these.

Event Planning

Don’t fall victim to the typical stale, boring corporate event – make your’s the event that everyone wishes they could attend. Successful events align with the organization’s brand, goals and values, so we’ll help you pinpoint exactly what you want to highlight at your next event.

Our NJ-based company’s media relations can boost publicity for your event, inviting writers to cover the festivities.

Plus, we’ll help you set realistic goals for your event, and make sure that you reach them (and maybe even surpass them).

Event Marketing

Getting people to attend your event may just be the most important part of the planning process – without an audience, what’s the use of even the most well-prepared material?

We’ll help you promote your event through various modes of publicity, such as advertising and press releases, making people want to attend.

And when marketing an event, whether it’s right here in Bergen County or not, it’s best to craft various materials to promote it, such as press releases and public service announcements. But don’t worry – you can leave it to us to develop intriguing content that appeals to all audiences.

TV and Radio Ads

Persuading your audience to believe something or take a specific action can seem daunting. Allow us to help you deliver your message in a way that truly captures your public’s attention, so your company can stand out from so many of the same, stale messages.

Our northern NJ television advertising agency will create a publicity plan that caters to your specific audience’s attitudes when it comes to television and radio preferences, so you’ll be able to more effectively engage your listeners.

Whether you’re using your ads to promote change in the public sphere or to enhance your corporate image, we’ll create content that makes the most of your airtime.

Corporate Communications

We’re sure you already know how important it is for your company to have a favorable reputation. In order to achieve this, we’ll use your brand and values in order to effectively share your mission with your various audiences, such as employees, the media and the general public.

Rely on our Bergen County PR agency to cover the various bases of corporate communications, such as fully developing your brand, providing support for your objectives and reducing discrepancies between your desired image and your current image.

It may sound like a lot, but we know how to handle it.


Building a blog isn’t only about boosting exposure to your site – it’s also an effective and personable way for you to interact with your public. By talking to consumers in a conversational way, you’ll establish an interactive, friendly image for your company.

We have tons of experience with blogging, so let us help you take the first step. Blogs are a place to provide news, comment on current issues and discuss topics within the industry, and we’ll assist you in developing a strategic blogging plan.

In a world that’s constantly competing for media coverage, maintaining a blog can attract attention to your company from both news editors and consumers, so it’s important to take advantage of this mode of communication.

Crisis Communications

We have no doubt that your company is great, but when it comes to planning for potential crises, it’s always best to be prepared.

Our northern New Jersey public relations agency can help you develop a plan before a crisis occurs, so you can tackle your problems as soon as they happen. We’ll also help you conduct a post-crisis analysis if you ever end up needing to put your plan in place, to assess its effectiveness and determine if it needs to be altered.

Having an organized plan ensures your preparedness in handling a crisis – and it may even help you prevent the situation altogether.

Website Development

Your website is a direct reflection of how people view your company – so make sure you like what you see in the mirror.

Our NJ-based website design agency will get to the root of who you are, what you do and why you do it, in order to convey those messages to your public. Plus, we’ll make sure all the bases are covered – like designing a mobile-compatible site and including an archive of past press releases – so your website can be its best possible version.

We’ll help you develop an appealing design that will attract visitors, and riveting content that holds their attention once they see your site.

Online Audio and Video Content

Online audio and visual content has become increasingly popularized, so it’s time for your company to get in on the action. Creating effective content in this medium will encourage consumers to share it with others, increasing your visibility.

It’s important to cater to people in such a busy society, and through audio and visual content, people can consume more information using less time and effort. But don’t get us wrong – this type of message will still deliver your content in an effective way.

Through the use of online audio and visual techniques, you can provide your public with a more emotional and personal account of what your company is doing, and why you’re doing it.

Product Placement

We know we all have experience with viewing product placement – who doesn’t notice those recognizable logos in the background of all our favorite T.V. shows and movies? Yet even on a smaller and more refined scale, product placement is effective in boosting opinion about your brand.

By integrating your product into programs that your consumers already view on a regular basis, our Bergen County public relations firm can help you put your brand in the public eye, attract new customers and delight current consumers.

Online Forums

Keeping an active presence in forums that your target audience frequently visits can prove to be helpful in many ways. For one, it gives you an inside view on what people are saying about both your company and your industry. Additionally, you have the opportunity to actively participate and respond to comments, establishing yourself as a leader within the industry.

Our Northern NJ public relations firm can help you find active forums to participate in, and help you develop a plan for communicating through these forums.

By staying active in your online community, your company will become a friendly and approachable figure in the event of a question or concern that may arise with your public.

Brand Strategy

Your public will come to associate your company logo and branding with thoughts and feelings about your organization, so make sure those associations remain positive and are aligned with your values.

Our brand development team will help you define your target public and develop a plan that caters directly to those consumers. We can help you fulfill your goals of providing your product or service to as many people as possible, but it all starts with your brand. A positive brand reputation is the foundation for attracting new consumers (and keeping loyal ones), and we’ll help you attain your desired image.

Editorial Services

From press releases to promotional copy to public speeches, wording is everything. You’ll want your print content to be as precise as possible, and your audio content to be as compelling as possible. So naturally, you’ll want the help of the best agency possible.

Enlist our agency’s help in creating content for your various media platforms. We know how to reach your consumers, and we can help you develop a gameplan that you feel comfortable with.

Whether you’re informing your public of company news, a new product or an upcoming event, trust us to deliver your message in a way that makes you stand out above your competitors.

Media Training

Anyone who provides media training can cover the basics. So sure, we’ll go over public image and talking points in preparation for your media appearances, but we can also provide some more extensive preparation that you may not get elsewhere.

Our public relations firm will help you practice for any difficult moments that may arise, like tough questions, so you know how to respond to any situation. Plus, we’ll ensure a general preparedness and an enthusiastic attitude, which will inevitably shine through.

Confidence is a must in interviews – and after working with our agency, we’re sure you’ll feel ready for your media appearance.

Product and Company Launches

Let’s face it – there are a lot of companies and products out there, fighting for attention. But when it comes to your upcoming launch date, we’ll help you distinguish yourself from the crowd.

One of the premier public relations firms in New Jersey, we’ll use our media relations and local outreach connections to spread the word about your upcoming release, generate a social media presence for your followers and make sure your company is represented by the media in a desirable way.

When launching your service, emphasizing your backstory is effective in attracting an audience – we’ll help you convey your why to your listeners.

Research and Survey Reports

Reports are important in assessing the effectiveness of your media tactics, and they can be very telling in how you’re reaching your public.

When it comes to determining how well your strategies are working, our NJ-based PR firm can help you develop a plan to measure your success.

Plus, publishing statistically significant results can allow you to offer some valuable content to your public, and it gives you the chance to show off all the great work you’ve done.

Thought Leadership

Your content is what brands you as a thought leader within your industry. So when you offer content that caters directly to your customers’ needs, you’ll rise above other companies who are just advertising their products or services.

Our Northern NJ agency emphasizes the importance of expanding beyond simply marketing your company. We can help you develop content, like a company website and blog, that proves to your public that you’re an expert in the industry.

Good content shows consumers and stakeholders that you’re smart, that you understand the industry and that you’d be a good company to do business with. Stick with us, and you’re certain to emerge as a thought leader within the market in no time.


Similar to participating in forums, newsletters give your company the chance to deliver thought leadership content to your readers. You can make your organization stand out from all those generic and overdone newsletters by using this as a platform to offer solutions to your buyers’ biggest problems, rather than using it as a way to advertise for your company.

Our agency can help you reach your public by working with you to develop an engaging, helpful newsletter that you e-mail to your readers regularly.

By keeping in touch with your public in a way that truly benefits them, you can be assured that you will keep your readers happy and loyal.


Our clients come from a wide variety of backgrounds, and we’re always excited to work with companies from all industries. From government organizations to entertainment providers and everyone in between, we remain current in trends from all industries, so we know how to provide your company with the results you’ve been striving for.

Health and Beauty

When it comes to health and beauty, a lot of consumers rely on media buzz and word-of-mouth to form first opinions.

Whether you’re promoting a service to help feel your best, or a product to help look your best, our New Jersey public relations agency will help you develop media materials that will get people talking.

We’ll target the means of distribution that your consumers already use, from magazines to social media. So the next time you’re holding an event, launching a new product or awarding giveaways, let us successfully reach your target audience.

Travel and Hospitality

When promoting your travel destination, you’ll want to develop an enticing, interactive message that makes your audience wish for more.

Our northern New Jersey public relations agency will assist you every step of the way, solidifying your brand, helping with creative message development and ensuring good reputation management.

So while you focus on making your guests feel well-rested and relaxed, you can leave the rest of the work to us. We’ll help celebrate and promote your destination to consumers, and we promise to protect your brand name should a crisis ever arise.

Food and Beverage

What’s a good meal without someone to share it with? Whether your company is launching a product or promoting a location, you want to be certain that your efforts will be met with consumer support. We can make that happen.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a new company looking to gain exposure or an existing company with the goal of renewing interest among the public – our agency will create a winning campaign specifically designed for you.

Our extensive media relations in the NJ area will help boost coverage of your company and products through outlets your audience frequently visits, such as websites, blogs and radio stations.

Lifestyle: Apparel and Accessories

We all know the importance of finding new supporters of a company, but don’t neglect those loyal customers either. Your company may be launching a new line or simply revamping an already existing one, but either way, you’ll want to engage both old and new customers alike.

Our office, located in northern New Jersey, can leverage our media relations to ensure that the press is doing a good job of representing your brand. Plus, when it comes to events or promotions for your products, we have the event planning and social media expertise to get consumers excited and eager to interact with your brand.


So you want to change people’s lives, but where to begin? A product or service as desirable as your’s requires the right publicity. That’s where we come in.

Our Bergen County PR firm has extensive expertise in the healthcare industry and work with healthcare facilities right here in Bergen County. Plus, we know how rapidly this industry can change, and we’ll promise to stay current with trends.

When your products and services have the ability to improve the quality of life, mediocre just doesn’t cut it. Trust us to help you promote your company, and to overcome obstacles you may run into along the way.

Entertainment and Sports

With the power of television, the Internet and social media at the fingertips of your consumers, it’s important to know how to reach them on their own terms. Fortunately, we know how to do this for you.

Employees at our northern NJ office have extensive experience doing public relations for various professional sports teamse. Whether you’re working on launch parties, branding or various other projects, we can provide the success you’re looking for.

Our media relations allow us to provide endorsements that speak to both consumers and the media, as well as maintain an active presence on social media, organize press conferences and distribute some seriously well-crafted press releases.

Banking and Finance

When it comes to your financial institution, we won’t just maintain your reputation and increase your brand awareness – we’ll make sure that your company stands out above the rest and continues to grow.

By identifying your company’s unique values and boosting your media presence through press coverage, we can help build your company’s credibility among the public eye. When reaching out to various audiences, including consumers and professionals within the industry, we can help you develop a solid content and editorial strategy customized to your many targets.


Successful educational institutions have worked hard to build up their brand name and develop strong community relationships. But we understand that you’re probably busy making your organization the best it can be, so leave the dirty work to us.

The best public relations firms in NJ maintain relationships with industry-specific media outlets and target the most relevant sources to your audience to maximize their message’s impact – our New Jersey office can do all this for you, and more.

Through strategies such as press releases, events and print media coverage, we’ll handle all of your external PR needs – anything to ensure your school stays in a favorable spotlight.


In such a media-saturated culture, it’s important to explain why you do what you do in order to distinguish yourself.

Our public relations agency is prepared to help you meet your goals, whether you’re looking to support a fundraising campaign, change the public’s opinion on a certain issue or increase awareness about your organization or cause.

Whether we’re working on news releases or analyzing the effectiveness of a strategy for your campaign, we’ll help you develop a consistent communications strategy to better convey your message to your public.

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