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How to Communicate With A Digital Marketing Agency in New Jersey

Anyone who works with marketing and advertising agencies in New Jersey needs to know who their main point of contact will be. Flat out. It’s such an integral part of fostering that solid client and agency relationship that we always talk about. Not only do you need to have a main point of contact, but this main point of contact also has to be somebody with whom you can build a foundation of trust and communication just like any other relationship. Yes, these classic, core principles heavily apply to your business partnerships, too. 

So, before you commit to one of the marketing and advertising agencies in New Jersey that you’ve been looking into, add this question to your list of things to ask: “who will be managing my account and what will communication look like?” 

In terms of how to go about communicating with your point of contact, who will most likely be your account manager, be upfront and direct about your needs, schedule, availability, etc. If you’re not someone who likes to talk on the phone every day and you prefer to be contacted through emails, tell that to marketing and advertising agencies in New Jersey right out of the gate.  Just be straight up about what you prefer so that both parties can come to an agreement on the most productive, effective and realistic communication methods as early on as possible, keeping goals and workload in mind. You know your own preference for communication and a good agency should be able to adjust accordingly. At the end of the day, if an agency can’t match the cadence and the communication you need, they’re probably not the right fit.

On the agency side of things, questions regarding communication needs and preferences are actually some of the first things we bring up during a new client onboarding meeting, and for good reason.

When thinking about communication with your agency, keep in mind that most marketing and advertising agencies do work in teams to ensure proper coverage in the case of a team member’s absence, or to delineate responsibility within the group to ensure that everyone is focusing on their strengths. The number of team members you’ll work with directly varies based on the agency as well as your needs. A general, good rule of thumb is to look for an agency that isn’t bloated employee-wise. In the end, you’ll end up paying for it in more ways than one if you find that there are way too many people involved that need be.  

All of the work we do at DSM follows concise systems that allow for smaller teams to work faster and smarter. That’s what works for us, and you have to find the agency structure that works with your business structure. If you want to learn more about how to vet out the marketing and advertising agencies in New Jersey that your company is in the process of looking into, our free e-book can help. 

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