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Homage Episode 3: Jamie Knott

To watch a “true master” working at his craft leaves an indelible mark on one’s soul. Jamie Knott, as I’ve come to know you and become friends with you…I can say that the experience has been gratifying. Your story is one of hard work, determination, struggle…and overcoming said struggle. In short, “a path less traveled” is how you’ve come to the present day. I admire you…not just because you’re a brilliant chef and businessman. I ADMIRE YOU FOR TAKING TIME AND CARE FOR THOSE AROUND YOU. Bro, you got a knack for “meeting people where they are”…you are never too good for someone, you are never too busy for someone; you just make people feel special.

Our journey together started simply through dining at Saddle River Inn. We’d occasionally speak with each other through mutual contacts. It began around joking with one another about various awards that were won and how we’d have to work harder to keep “one-upping” each other. All these years later, you’re still beating the bag out of me when it comes to accolades. I admire that about you, my friend. The accolades are good…your craft always takes first priority. That…and serving those who take care of you. That, to me, Jamie, is why this Homage episode is dedicated to you.

Now, we can talk about business…but more importantly, family and life. Jamie, you have a perspective that most dudes our age don’t. You bring wit and wisdom to conversations (big and small). You give of yourself and the riches of your business to our community endlessly. To that end (at least from my perspective), you have three wildly successful restaurants, in addition to the foresight to allow each to evolve into a successful entity. Very rare in the space for one person to be able to do both. Jamie Knott, you are a “rare breed,” my homey. I can’t thank you enough for taking the time out of your busy schedule to sit down with me to do this. All the blessings on your head, brother. We love you…many more years of success…and thank you for your skills! Because of your delicious fare…I’d kept countless treadmills in business through the years.


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