We’re going to walk you through how to get landscaping customers… To do it, let’s take a moment and make an out-of-the-box yet wildly true comparison. You ready?

Once you get married, you can’t just stop paying attention to your partner. You have to continue to foster the love, invest in your relationship, and be committed. Guess what? Your landscaping business is just like a marriage. It’s true. Hear us out. Once you’ve landed new customers, you can’t just stop paying attention to them. You have to continue to foster the love, invest in your relationship, and be committed. Sound familiar?

So, how do you woo customers and keep them from leaving you for the landscaper down the street? Here’s how.

Lure Customers from Rivals

First things first, in order to keep your customers around, you first need to attract them to your business. There are so many ways for your company to land customers, such as becoming involved in the community and creating beautiful websites with eye-catching content and SEO in mind. It’s also vital to focus on strategies such as freebies, discounts and valuable offers to lure dissatisfied customers from rivals. Prove you’re the better option by providing:

  • Freebies: Free estimate, free landscape audit, free first mow, free seed packets, free flowerpots, free mulch or wood chips
  • Discounts: 10 percent to 50 percent off a project, first month of lawn maintenance 50 percent off
  • Other valuable offers: Lawn maintenance starting at $70 a month, buy one service, get another free
    You can market these offers through both digital and traditional marketing. It’s your chance to turn another company’s frustrated customer into your happy customer. That’s just the name of the game. All is fair in love and landscaping.

Use Postcards for Direct Mail

It’s true, a lot of people nowadays use email and text to communicate, but mailboxes still exist! People still have them! Postcards and direct mail still have their place in marketing, and it’s one tactic for how to get landscaping customers. For instance, go on a drive, and by simply surveying yards, lawns, apartment complexes, homes and businesses, you can get an idea of who could benefit from your company’s services.

It’s never a bad idea to get some help, and helpful tools like Zillow can assist you in determining which neighborhoods or homes fit your ideal customer profile. You can do direct mail to target customers who have home values above, say, $200,000. In other words, everyone you target should be able to afford your services, which helps you spend your marketing budget more efficiently. You want them, and they need you. It’s a win-win.

Just like any good thing in life, nothing worth having comes easy. You can’t give up on your direct mail efforts if you don’t instantly see results. Most customers may not need your help at the moment. However, they might be the time the second or third postcard shows up in their mailbox. Repeated exposure builds name recognition. You want everyone to know your company’s name so that when they’re in need for a landscaper, he or she knows which business to call.

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Focus on Your Online Presence

Online is everywhere. It’s impossible to escape the internet, and this is something that your landscaping business needs to take advantage of.

Say that your postcard got the intention of some prospective customers. Congrats, by the way! They’re super interested and want to know more about your company, so they go online to read reviews of your business and check out your website.

Now that they’ve found your company online, you want them to really be convinced that you’re the landscaper that they need. How can you do that?

  • Fair, well-written reviews on Google, Yelp and other platforms
  • Easy-to-use contact forms on your website
  • A portfolio that shows the work you’ve done
  • A way to redeem the postcard offer (maybe enter a code to get a free landscape audit)
  • A blog with content relevant to the customer and that shows your company knows its stuff

Not only will robust content marketing allow you to prove your knowledge when it comes to landscaping, but it will also help with SEO. By crafting content using the relevant phrases that landscape customers are searching, such “free landscape estimate NJ” or “landscape ideas for hilly yard northern NJ,” you’ll have them snooping on your site in no time.

As for Keeping Your Customers…

Now is when the whole marriage part comes into play. Now that you’ve landed leads and secured some customers, how do you keep them?

First, just do a great job. Your business is all about landscaping, so make sure that you’re providing customers with the best damn yards they’ve ever seen. A happy spouse means a lasting relationship, and a happy customer means a lasting relationship. We told you that metaphor worked!

Beyond that, check out these tips for ideas that you can continue to implement to keep your customers for the long-haul:

  • Continue to discount: If you attracted a customer to your business with a discount, it’s perfectly valid to keep giving that customer discounts for repeated business, for signing up early for a new service or for paying in advance. There are lots of potential discounts to consider and each discount represents a legitimate opportunity to stay in touch with a customer, because who doesn’t want to save some money?
  • Ditto with freebies: Your customers’ yards, budgets and needs don’t stay exactly the same. Things change, people change, and yards definitely change with the unpredictable NJ weather. Your business can offer a free landscape analysis once a year so you and your customers can talk about their needs. In the end, you get more work and strengthen the relationship with your customers. If offering an in-person analysis and meeting for everyone is too much, then you can do a questionnaire for some customers to submit. It’s simple and effective, a match made in landscaping heaven.
  • A preventive approach: Emphasize to your workers that they should keep an eye out for potential problems. For instance, if workers visit a yard every two weeks just to mow, trim and tend to flower beds, that doesn’t mean they should ignore the fact that a patch of grass is dead or a tree with limbs needs cutting. Make your customers as happy as possible by going above and beyond their expectations. Trust us, it’ll pay off in the end.
  • Robust blog posts and social media engagement: Being active on your blog and on social media will also help you to land new customers and keep the cycle going. Offer useful information, such as pests to watch out for, the best time to plant flowers or regional lawn care tips. You never know, you could be one tweet away from a new client.

Landing a landscaping customer is not a one-and-done deal. There’s a lot of time and effort that goes into both attracting and keeping clients. That’s just how relationships work, after all. Use these tips on how to get landscaping customers to continue to grow your client-base and foster your individual relationships. It’ll make for the perfect marriage.

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