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Homage Episode 20: Lee McKnight

Lee, I feel kinda weird writing this, considering we’ve never actually physically met. What I can tell you is that you’ve helped, guided, and provided so much valuable insight to our organization and me. More than you will ever know. I appreciate you immensely because although we’ve probably only spoken about 25 times, every time I do…I feel smarter, I laughed out loud, and you’ve made me feel human. This, all in a time that, frankly, has not been super easy to navigate. To that, I say to you Lee McKnight, Jr…HOMAGE.

I honestly cannot remember the first time I caught a glimpse of 3 Takeaways on LinkedIn, but it was pretty epic. I remember saying to Enrico, “Dude…you gotta check this guy Lee out. He’s hilarious and smart as anything.” Little did I know that 73 episodes, two hilarious joint discussions with you, me and Enrico and panel invitation later…that we’d be at the proverbial “homage point,” but there’s just so much value and humor…on top of sheer stupidity by others (in plain sight) that has brought about immense conversation. As mentioned on more than a few occasions…you’re a national treasure, my friend.

As you’ll get from this conversation with Lee, I honestly can’t wait for the day that we get to break bread and have a few pops. Hopefully, the world will open up again soon so you can get out to NJ or vice versa to Cincy (GO BENGALS on breaking that 30-year playoff streak). Having someone of your ilk to bounce ideas off of, share war stories and get genuine answers in our business is rare. You nail that in spades, man. You’re sincere and BS-free. Combinations like that are keepers. I can say with 100% certainty that my/DSM’s relationship with you is something that we look forward to cultivating as we head into the future. Thank you for your earnest attitude and always being a friend “that tells it like it is.”

Lee, this is your homage, my friend. Please accept it with heartfelt gratitude and know that we’re here if you need us…just like you’ve always been for me and DSM. Looking forward to creating new memories (hopefully some real ones in person and not through a Zoom) and keep crushing through your efforts at RSW/US. Kudos bro!


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