If you want to get your customers’ attention online, you have to be putting out some type of content, that could be videos, or blogs, or e-books, it doesn’t really matter. What’s important is that your content is actually interesting. 

I’ve seen a lot of people put out content they spend so much time just trying to get the blog out the door or get the video recorded, but they don’t stop and think, “Does anybody actually care about what I’m saying?” If you’re not providing some education or some entertainment or something that is genuinely interesting to your audience, no one’s going to care about your content. 

So before you hit publish, stop and ask yourself, “Is this really what my customer wants to hear from me?” And stop, and just sit on that question for a minute before you hit publish. Because a lot of times, what people are publishing is really of no value to their customers. 

So, if you have questions about your content, how to make it compelling to your customer in a way that’s going to bring them into your fold, reach out. We’re happy to help.