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Zinka Ramdedovic

Zinka Ramdedovic

Chief Operating Officer

Zinka joined DSM in 2017. As the Chief Operating Officer, she focuses on two major parts of the agency: our clients and our employees. Zinka ensures that the goals and initiatives remain a focus by overseeing operations and optimizing efficiencies. What makes Zinka stand out is her long-standing relationships within the industry and with clients, based on trust, loyalty and transparency. She takes pride in mentoring her team members and helping them grow and succeed. Zinka is quite the juggler, without being able to actually juggle- whether it’s from jumping from one call to another, crunching numbers with Charlene, planning with Darren, making dinner with her boys, balancing her workouts… doing it all at once while cycling on her Peloton.

Zinka’s relationship with us is a central part of our success. Her oversight of the team ensures that we’re always in line with our business goals and that we feel secure with her at the helm!

Janine Nowatzky, Inside Rx

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