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Episode 4 – Beard & Bowler


On this episode of Thanks for Playing we welcome our friends Matt and Jason from Beard & Bowler Productions and discuss what they do and why they do it. Our ADD is in full swing right off the bat in this podcast so bear with us…we have a blast as usual. In our search for the right game for these guys it was a simple and slightly creepy solution – the newlywed game! Mostly just to make them uncomfortable.

These guys “get it”

The guys share the foundations of B&B and the unique values upon which they operate their business. They discuss how they met, and why they wanted to work together and how they got things going…also, we learn about Matt’s lack of inner monologue. Oh, and Leon gushes a little bit here…he’s sort of a mush with these dudes.

The nuts and bolts of B&B

Jason gives us some perspective on how they work – with a focus on telling real stories and capturing honesty through branded content. We also segue into the necessary connection between the ability to tell a story with video content and tying that to a successful marketing program to yield real metrics of success. The guys talk about some of their highlight projects, particularly those with DSM (LOL), with one in particular that was done for Eva’s Village.

Everyone makes mistakes

Matt dishes on the misdirection of focusing their early attention on creating a YouTube vlog channel with the hopes of going “viral”, and the net result of learning from that effort and then shifting to a much more successful endeavor to grow their social audience – but more about that later. THEN, the moment seemed right for Leon to hand the reins over to Britt to host the game! Jason kicks things off with possibly the worst response to the first question on behalf of Matt, which makes us a bit nervous about the rest of the questions…the game continues, as crazily as we anticipated.

Game Over

Not entirely sure who wins – but as it turns out the guys know each other well, but not as well as we would have hoped! Somehow Gary V comes up again – he seems to come up alot in our podcast – and we wrap the game with little pomp and circumstance. We also follow up on Jay’s successful focus on LinkedIn where he built his network and successfully created viral content to drive interest in Beard & Bowler. LinkedIn has been a valuable platform for Jay, and if you’re interested in seeing what he does check him out. The discussion ultimately leads towards the value of good content – and the importance of good content in building your brand or your social presence.

Finale, and some controversy

We shared a recent ad, something that pushes the envelope (perhaps too far), to get the thoughts from the guys at B&B. Advertising has a long history of pushing buttons and this ad certainly achieved this same objective. If you’re interested in continuing the debate we’d love to hear from you – please include your intelligent comments on our post so we can discuss as a group. Also, check out B&B.

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