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Great performance creates friction.

Being the driven marketers we are, DSM accepted the challenge of launching the all new Goodyear Lubricants product line and helping them smooth things over with their competition.

Diversifying the brand.

The Goodyear line of licensed products partnered with DSM to help them expand into a full line of motor oils and coolant manufactured and distributed under the Goodyear Lubricants brand. From extreme performance motor oils, antifreeze, DEF and chemicals, Goodyear Lubricants has begun producing product applications ranging from passenger car motor oils (PCMO) to diesel fleets to heavy construction and industrial applications.

product packaging design

Reinventing an icon.

Goodyear Lubricants needed a new brand identity that complimented the Goodyear reputation that, for over 100 years, stands for reliability and performance on the road and the track. With all that in mind, we got revved up, put rubber to the road and started on what would be a modern update to a well-known household name. Okay, we’re done with the racing puns now. Sorry. We had to.

Building street cred & banking on brand loyalty.

Every great brand has an identifiable look that immediately makes you think of that brand name.

When you see the signature winged foot and saturated gold and blue colors, you know it’s Goodyear. The blimps also help. We started with Goodyear’s classic colors and symbols and created a simple yet modern rendition on a letterhead, business cards and sell sheet design for Goodyear Lubricants.

These pieces are a crucial part of Goodyear Lubricant’s face-to-face business interactions in the field.

Our newly designed print collateral allows their sales team to walk out of important meetings, knowing they can give potential clients these beautiful and helpful materials to support their top line of motor oil and antifreeze products. Being able to offer the best products while having the most attractive and cohesive aesthetic for your offerings is honestly a sales team’s dream.

product packaging design
product packaging design

Bringing the product to life.

Design-wise, we started with the vibrant gold and blue that the Goodyear brand is known for. From there, we elevated the traditional labels to new heights with modern creative elements that had never before been used on Goodyear tire packaging or their racing materials. Talk about an oil change.

This made Goodyear Lubricants’ labels unique without losing the important brand trust that has been established for over 100 years. That’s a pretty long time, you know.

The Performance Max motor oil product line came first, and the next task was Goodyear Lubricants’ antifreeze label, ProTekt VR12.

With five main product categories of motor oil and five variations of antifreeze, it was no small feat. If there’s one thing that remains true about DSM, it’s that we’ll never back down from a challenge. We’ll take you up on that.

The complete package.

Completely new products meant new product packaging design and labels. Our team brainstormed product packaging designs that would be both functional and adaptable. This meant working with the Goodyear team to incorporate all of the required product information on the various bottle sizes and shapes while also maintaining a new brand consistency throughout all the consumer packaging elements. Then, it was up to our team to photograph the product bottles and packaging so we could digitally composite the new label designs on them for the website and later projects. This involved a multi-step, multi-day process that took some serious skill, of course.

Goodyear's Protekt Lubricants packaging

Building a new brand standard.

Goodyear Lubricants Coolant products feature an additive called “VR12,” which we wanted to feature in the product packaging design. Protekt Vr12 Coolant comes in a rainbow of color options, literally, so adapting the label to look good next to all sorts of tones was a major focus. The coolant labels went through an evolution in its development that kept that focus at the forefront.

We worked with the client to make sure specific parts of the product name were emphasized over others and the look and feel of the labels were on track. On track, racetrack, we really couldn’t resist.

Building brand awareness through digital touchpoints.

The digital identity of Goodyear Lubricants had to be as recognizable and impactful as that of Goodyear Tires. The website brought it all together and highlighted the updated, modern elements we developed in the product packaging design creation process for the lubricant and antifreeze products. Not only that, but it also showcased the breadth of products that Goodyear Lubricants offers without it looking as though we tried too hard to cram too many things into one image or one page. Mission accomplished.

After all, the products are the star of this site and the brand.

That had to come across in the product packaging design and the copy. Creating a comprehensive message around the high-quality of ingredients and value was important for Goodyear Lubricants. There also needed to be a functional, organized way to digest an entire list of product SKUs. Enough said.

The website then inspired the look of Goodyear Lubricants’ social media presence and email templates that would feed marketing campaigns to come.

product packaging design

Tools of the trade.

They say if you got it, flaunt it, and an upcoming trade show was the perfect opportunity to premiere the new look for Goodyear Lubricants. Using the newly designed label concepts and website, our team created a table cover, two retractable banner stands and product info sheets to display.

product packaging design
product packaging design

On your mark, get set…grow!

Once we had a complete brand identity with sales material and fully functioning marketing tools in place (, lead magnets, direct mailer and sales collateral) along with our established brand voice and our unique value proposition on full display, DSM was ready to hit the ground running! With a complete brand strategy that leverages the Goodyear brand equity and its storied racing history, we began a campaign message “like a pro.”

Goodyear (and winged foot design) and Blimp are trademarks of the Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company used under license by US Global Lubricants Inc. Copyright 2020 The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company.
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