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Homage Episode 24: Britt Schwartz

Mrs. Britt. Schwartz. How to describe the absolute bundle of energy wrapped up in an amazing, illuminated comet hurdling towards its intended target. You have more energy, passion and focus than probably anyone I’ve ever met. To those who don’t know my friend Britt…strap in and prepare for an adventure. This young woman has accomplished more in her 30s than most do in their entire lives. Adventures abound, great food and drinks are always in full view, and when you look into Britt’s eyes… there’s a fire that is unmistakable. “The mission” is the answer, and the answer is we’re not stopping until we blow everything up in front of us to bring value, compassion and love to everyone she’s around.

It’s utterly astounding to me that we’ve really only known one another for about a year and a half. The first time we met in person was in January up in NJ and then in March down in Knoxville. What she and Bob are doing at BS&Co. is remarkable and so freakin’ fantastic. The best part of watching them go about their business is it’s real and authentic…AND THEY CARE SO DEEPLY FOR THEIR FOLKS, THEIR CLIENTS AND THEIR MISSION. There’s that word again…when I think of everything they’ve built in a few short years, I think about their mission. The whole team is fixated on doing things according to their brand and their standard…and frankly, nothing else matters. That’s so rare in today’s world. As I’ve said before, Britt…I stand in awe.

Another something that has stood out to me since…well, day 1, when I reached out to Britt with a message on LinkedIn after she absolutely poured her soul out about entrepreneurship and the heartbreaking, gut-wrenching journey it sometimes is. That caught me off guard and made me take notice of Britt. Not many people can conjure up that sort of courage to bare their soul to an audience in the hope that someone is listening and has been through it before. I reached out, not knowing if I’d get a response back with a few kind words, and the rest is history. It’s a trait that is very rare and quite beautiful. When you go through some of the things that Britt was going through…but are a few years ahead in your journey, her story drew me in. It was real and honest…something that made me feel comfortable to reach out with a helping hand and know that it was genuine. Ever since, we’ve talked and laughed…shared a few tears. We’ve eaten wonderful meals together, shared a few drinks, and challenged one another. Hopefully made one another better.

That, in a nutshell, is why I love Britt Schwartz and why she inspires me. That’s why THIS HOMAGE RIGHT HERE IS FOR YOU, KIDDO. You’re a rare breed…and you’ve only just begun. One day, “Imma look at the lights of the Goodyear and Blimp and read Britt Schwartz is a P*MP!” I can’t say it any better than Ice Cube did. Britt, all seriousness… I’m honored to know you, to call you a friend, to be inspired by you and your journey, and to watch you be a BOSS OWNER, BOSS MOM, BOSS WIFE, BOSS FRIEND AND BOSS HOMEY! As I write this, I am swelling with pride and happiness. Thank you for bringing that to an old dog like me.


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