A social presence isn’t optional anymore. It’s one of the best ways to create and nurture client relationships.

We’ll create social media pages and execute strategies on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram and countless other new and growing platforms. Our NJ-based team is always one step ahead of the social media game.

Not only will we optimize your accounts and teach you the best practices for interaction, we’ll put our award-winning social media branding to work to make sure your presence is exactly what you envisioned.

Content Creation

Successful social media marketing is about more than just increasing your fanbase on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. It’s about content marketing and strategy.

Here at DSM in Bergen County, New Jersey we know that great content is based on your target audience.

Our social media team will conduct research to understand your target audience in order to create relevant and engaging content.

Increase Your Reach

Social media can be extremely effective because of its viral nature and sharing features. At DSM, we know that good content will only generate buzz if it’s positioned on the right networks, at the right time.

Not only will we create excellent content, but we’ll develop a customized strategy in order to maximize your reach within your target audience.

Our social media team will research and understand your target audience to the fullest and make sure your content is distributed on the right social media channels.

Customized Campaigns

Creating the right social media strategy starts with asking the right questions. Our NJ-based agency knows that all answers can be found by understanding your target audience. Understanding your target audience will help our social media team create the right content and position it on the right channels to make sure it’s reaching your target buyer personas.

Not all social media networks are created equally. They are all unique and have their own best practices and uses. Our social media team will determine which channels are best for your business and develop a customized strategy for each social media network specifically.

Social Optimization

Everyone knows that their websites should be optimized. Well, social media profiles are like mini-websites and our agency in northern New Jersey treats them with just as much importance.

At DSM, we optimize your social media profiles with as much research and strategic planning as we do your websites.

With relevant keywords, we’ll make sure you never miss an opportunity to engage and interact with your target persona.

Lead Generation

The greatest thing about social media profiles is that they have an opportunity to be effective in every step of the buyer’s journey.

Our NJ-based social media agency knows that it all starts with engaging with your audience.

We’ll create profiles and conversations that will turn your social media followers into customers and your customers into promoters of your brand.

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