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DSM is an award winning, full-service, marketing agency located in Bergen County, NJ. We use our performance-based marketing strategies to ensure your brand thrives in New Jersey’s hyper-competitive market. Furthermore, we use fun, new, and effective marketing techniques to put our clients beyond their competition.

We are eager to take on the challenge of assisting our clients no matter where they are located. However, as our marketing agency is located in northern New Jersey, we love the opportunity to work with local clients in the following areas: Bergen County, Passaic County, Essex County, Sussex County and Hudson County in NJ, as well as Rockland County, Orange County and Westchester in NY.

Remember, marketing is changing everyday and if your company isn’t able to keep up with the trends, you’ll be stuck in the stone age. They had computers back then, right?

Marketing is a process where each step is as critical as the next. See why we’re the premier marketing agency in New Jersey.


Take the time to learn about the world going on around you.

Marketing vs. Advertising

Contrary to popular belief, marketing and advertising are not the same thing. Marketing is like a fruit salad and advertising is just the apple that gets thrown into it.

If fruit references aren’t your thing, marketing is the entire strategy behind developing a product or service. Advertising is just one piece of the puzzle that focuses on how to communicate to the masses. Needless to say, one puzzle piece isn’t enough.

It’s important for marketing agencies to understand every piece of the puzzle. Luckily for you, we do. Our Bergen County full-service agency can handle your marketing, your advertising and maybe even an actual fruit salad for your next barbecue (Don’t get your hopes up).

Consumer Analysis

Marketing doesn’t work if you don’t understand who you’re marketing to. Different groups of customers can be summed up into unique buyer personas. So, what works with one audience might not work with another.

That’s why our marketing agency specializes in conducting a thorough consumer analysis. We’ll work like Sherlock Holmes to investigate your consumers. (Have your magnifying glass ready.)

Seriously, we’ll take the steps necessary to identify your target market’s wants, needs and behaviors so that our marketing campaign is consistent with what your consumer wants.

Market Analysis

Next, it’s critical to understand the landscape of the industry and what’s trending in it. A market analysis provides an overview of the market that you want to work in.

Working in a heavily populated northern New Jersey community has allowed our team to really understand the NJ/NYC market. With a thorough market analysis, you’ll be able to keep ahead of the curve.

We’ll go all in on your market and determine the best course of action to help you meet your business goals.

Competitive Analysis

Working in New York City’s commuter belt is rewarding, but is has its downfalls. The competition is fierce and ruthless. In order to stay on top, you’ve got to keep friends close, but your enemies closer.

That’s why a competitive analysis is one of the most important aspects of a marketing plan. Understanding the strengths, weaknesses and strategies of a competitor will provide invaluable information.

Our NJ marketing firm will use this information to differentiate you and your product or service. We will uniquely position you against your competition so that you can pick up the business that they cannot.

Asset Analysis

An asset analysis is all about determine what you have internally that can be of value to your customers. The more information the better.

Go through internal documents, client forms, online content such as ebooks, white papers, videos and everything else. Don’t hold back. If you have something that can make their lives easier, add it to your website.

We know, it’s a lot of work. Our Bergen county marketing agency will work our assets off in order to complete an asset analysis for you and we won’t stop until it’s done. (Okay…we might take some naps in between but cut us some slack.)

Website Analysis

In combination with an asset analysis, a website analysis should be conducted as well. Website analysis is the process of analyzing your content in order to optimize conversion rates and meet goals.

Overall, website analysis will leave you with the ability to make your website the best that it can be. We’ll take a deep dive into what you’re doing right, what you’re doing wrong and what just needs some tweaking.

Work with our agency’s bright young minds. We’ll analyze your website and use the information to take your site to the next level.

Distribution Channels

In an online setting, there are a number of distribution channels that a customer can become involved with your product. Identifying these channels presents opportunities to expand your marketing efforts.

Depending on what channel your customers enter through, your marketing can be customized to enhance their experience.

We’ve helped many northern New Jersey businesses find new customers in hidden channels and we can do the same for you.

Content Audit

What is a content audit? First and foremost, don’t let the word audit scare you. This type of audit is a good thing, we promise.

Content audits can help in a variety of ways. They allow companies to find where opportunities for new content present themselves, assist in identifying where conflicting content lays and much more.

Our company knows content better than anyone in the northern NJ area and we’re not afraid to say it. Let our marketing agency perform a content audit to see where your content succeeds and where it needs help


Insist on developing a concrete strategy for the future.

Understanding Your Audience

Content has become the essential component for online success. However, good content only works if you understand your audience.

Understanding your audience will make your website visitors feel a connection with you. Establishing this bond creates business opportunities.

We can help put you in your users shoes. Our marketing agency has years of experience creating content that engages different audiences. We’ll organize your ideas and compose content that fits your company’s persona AND entices your consumers.

What’s the Lifecycle?

After understanding your audience, you have to understand their life cycle. Customers go through a life cycle with your company similar to the way they meet someone and fall in love. They meet you, fall in love, want to take it to the next level and hopefully want to spend their life with you.

Understanding this is essential for online marketing. If you can identify where a customer is in their life cycle stage, then you can identify how to market to them.

If you work with our marketing agency, you’ll know where your customer stands and how to convert them into a lifetime connection.

The Buying Process

Many marketing agencies don’t realize the importance of the journey that a buyer goes through, but luckily our Bergen County agency does.

The buying process goes beyond closing the sale and shaking hands. In fact, there’s an entire journey that the consumer goes through before they even know what they’re buying.

It’s important to understand how long the pipeline is so that you can determine how to approach each transaction. By knowing this, we can selectively decide when to market your product or service to the consumer and anticipate any questions that they may have.

Customer Journey Mapping

We also know that interacting with clients requires more than marketing and advertising. Customer journey mapping puts you in the shoes of your prospects and customers.

By illustrating the different steps that your customers go through while they do business with you, you will find it easier to connect with them on a human level.

The end goal is to make your customers feel like people and not like numbers on a spreadsheet. Our agency has helped many New Jersey companies create this experience for their clients.


After conducting a full external analysis, don’t be afraid to break conformity. Actually, you should embrace it. Position yourself apart from the competition. By doing so, your differentiated product or service can fill a niche that nobody else can.

By filling this niche, you are also creating a strong identity within the market. You have the opportunity to be known as the people who are doing things different than everyone else.

Our marketing team works hard to create a positioning statement for any business that we work with. We understand that strong positioning can be incredibly advantageous in a highly competitive market.

Telling Your Story

After positioning, show ‘em where you come from kid! Seriously, studies show that storytelling and branded content are more effective than many other traditional forms of marketing.

Not only should you tell your company’s story, but you should also attempt to tell a story with everything you do. Why? Because stories stick better in consumers’ minds than facts and data do.

Everyone loves a good story, and we love creating them in the most persuasive way possible. Let our Bergen County marketing agency tell your customers a good story and it’ll give your business the upper hand you’ve been wishing for.

Understanding KPIs

Before a company roadmaps the future for their company with a strategic plan, the first step is to create key performance indicators for each goal within the plan.

Key performance indicators, commonly referred to as KPI’s, are normally quantifiable or measurable indicators of how well a company is meeting their goals.

KPI’s are an essential for any inbound marketing team. Our NJ agency uses key performance indicators to provide our customers with concrete measurements of success.

The Strategy Process

Next, let us ask you a question. Would a football team go into a game without their playbook? No, so why would you go into business without having a strategy?

Our New Jersey agency ensures that there is a strategic process behind every move we make. Using KPI’s and a company’s vision, we make sure that we have an effective strategy before we move forward.

If you work with us, we will ensure the same for your business too. We’ll seamlessly intertwine the strategic process into your marketing plan, whether it’s inbound marketing, media buying or somewhere in between.

What’s Your Style Guide?

How many staff members does it take to write good content? Trick question, it doesn’t matter. What does matter is having an expertly designed style guide.

A style guide is developed to ensure that each and every employee writes content with the same inflection, tone and more.

We’ve just voted ourselves as Bergen County’s “best in style (…guides).” So, we can help you create unison in your company with a creatively structured style guide.

Building a Plan

In many ways, building a plan is like taking steps on a ladder. Both are sequential which means you have to take them one step at a time because skipping a step may be detrimental.

It’s important for businesses to build a plan so that their company’s strategy will succeed. So, don’t trust an agency that promises results in no time.

At our full-service marketing agency, we climb the ladder, we build the plan, we execute with pinpoint accuracy so that the end goal is exceeds your expectations.

Marketing Automation Strategy

For a marketer, automation is one of the best kept secrets of digital marketing.

Automation is a process that puts consumers through a sales funnel without having to provide in-person follow up. This provides increased conversion rates, lower customer acquisition costs and a much faster process overall.

How it works is once a potential customer reaches out to request some great content or a consultation, they get moved through your sales funnel automatically (get it?) via well-timed marketing emails with more offers. This leads to better conversations and higher conversion rates.


You can’t please everyone, and that’s okay. When you try to please everyone, you end up pleasing nobody at all.

Instead, it is incredibly beneficial to segment the market. This means that you put potential consumers into different groups. By doing so, you can maximize your marketing efforts through producing and distributing the best content to the best group of people.

Using an arsenal of tools, we’ll have our inbound marketing team assess your target market and segment the audience so that you can pinpoint your greatest path to success. (Cha-ching!)

User Experience Optimization

Remember when that site wouldn’t load that one time? Didn’t it make you want to throw your laptop out the window?

Well, put the laptop down because there’s an easier way to diminish your frustrations (plus you’re like in the middle of reading this). User experience optimization takes navigation, usability and accessibility into consideration during website builds to ensure satisfied visitors.

Our New Jersey-based marketing agency carefully crafts the user experience by ensuring that our clients’ sites run with as little friction as possible.


So you’ve got the strategy…now what?

Create Content

Our lives have become inundated with non-stimulating traditional marketing so much so they most people have learned to ignore it effortlessly. This renders traditional useless.

So, what’s the future of marketing? Content creation. Companies that take the time to create engaging content are becoming the leaders in their industries.

Don’t believe us? Ask us to show you our charts. Warning: Not for the faint of heart.

Brand Development

Your brand isn’t just a nice looking logo, it’s the idea and the emotions your company portrays. Your brand needs to stand out and leave an impact. Our northern NJ brand development agency can help with that.

The first step, and often the most-skipped, is understanding your business, what makes it tick and what drives you each and every day. A well-thought-out brand is key, but let’s be honest, it needs to look great too.

That’s where our award-winning creative team comes in. We’ll make sure we develop your brand into something memorable.

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Inbound Marketing

We live in a world today where people rely on instant information to drive the decision making process. That’s why it’s so important to attract people to your website with good content.

Then, inbound marketing converts these leads through strategic offers and turns them into customers. It’s easy, if you have an agency that knows how to execute.

That’s where we step in. Our North Jersey marketing agency specializes in inbound marketing. So, hop on the inbound train and let our agency take you on a ride to where your customers are.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization is a key component to an effective online marketing strategy. It’s a dynamic and integral part of online success, and we know all about it.

Aggressive link building and techniques of the like are in the past, and companies that are still trying this are likely doing more harm than good. Allow us to turn your website into a traffic machine, a well-built engine that converts.

As a marketing agency located in Bergen County, NJ, we know the ins and outs of this lucrative industry, and we’ll make sure that your site is not only searchable, but that it produces incredible traffic results.

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Local SEO

Often times, your online presence is what makes you or breaks you. When people search for you online, they don’t want to find conflicting information.

That’s where local search engine optimization steps in. Local SEO will help your company conquer website directories in order to climb the ranks of Google listings.

For local businesses in densely populated areas like northern New Jersey especially, local SEO is vital.

Website Design

It’s vital today to have an online presence that gives potential customers a way to understand your brand. Your website design is often the first impression you’ll make on them.

Effective website designs are not only visually stunning but are also strategically setup with powerful content and strong SEO. Building an amazing website is great, but if no one can find it, what’s the point?

Our agency, located right in Bergen County, NJ, consists of award-winning designers, developers and copywriters that will create a website with style, memorability and a comprehensive conversion plan to ensure results.

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Content Marketing

A visually alluring website is nothing without content that speaks. Content encompasses all that appears on your website – text, photos and videos.

After our designers equip your pages with dazzling imagery, our copywriters will craft ideas into powerful, persuasive messages that will convert and delight customers.

Our NJ-based content marketing agency will create valuable content that resonates with your buyer personas at a level completely new to them.

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Email Marketing

Everyone is under the assumption that email marketing is dead. We’re here to tell you that it’s not. Despite the annoyance of spam and junk mail, email is still widely used due to its low cost and ease of accessibility.

On top of that, emails can be tweaked and customized in order to appeal to different personas. By doing this, open and click through rates will increase before your very eyes.

No, it’s not a magic show, but you will be amazed. Let our Bergen County marketing agency teach you the wonders of email marketing and all that it has to offer.

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Social Media Marketing

Confused by hashtags, tweets, posts, instagrams and all of those other techy words? Well, we’re not. We’re a full-service marketing agency that can help you with your social media marketing.

Social media has boomed over the past few years. People rely on it for information about your business, updates about promotions and much more.

That’s why developing an explosive social media marketing strategy can be like fishing with dynamite if executed correctly. (That’s right, pun intended.)

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Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

Pay-per-click, better known as PPC, can be a fantastic tool for your online strategy…when used correctly. Without careful planning, you may end up paying for empty website traffic. PPC strategy works best with a targeted landing page and a form to convert is essentially buying visits to your website.

Now, some people believe that it can be a quick fix for a decline in leads, but there’s much more to it. Simply put, PPC fails without strategy. You have to know how to incorporate it at the right time using the right content.

It sounds tricky, but we’re the marketing agency in New Jersey that specializes in tricky …and in painfully corny jokes, we like that too.

Loyalty Marketing

Ever wonder why some places offer a “loyalty card” where stamping your card 10 times gets you a free purchase? Well, it’s called loyalty marketing. Loyalty marketing is a strategic business move that creates incentive for customers to remain customers.

Not many people understand the impact that an effective loyalty marketing program can have but studies show that it is exponentially more expensive to acquire a new customer than it is to keep an existing one.

So, having a loyalty marketing campaign can potentially save money on acquisition costs and raise your revenue. It’s a win-win situation and if you add us into the mix it’s a win-win-win for your company. We’ll help with the creation of your loyalty program and you can thank us later.

Online Reputation Management

In high school, did you want to have that reputation? Our guess is no. So, if you didn’t want that reputation back then, now is not the time to have it either.

Online reputation management helps by attempting to control what comes up when someone Googles your business.

We can help with that. Our NJ marketing agency will go the extra mile to promote positive content and manage complaints. (We’re pretty nice, aren’t we?)


Our NJ full-service marketing agency specializes in inbound marketing. Because of this, it only made sense for us to become HubSpot’s first Diamond-Tiered Agency Partner in New Jersey.

If you don’t know what HubSpot is, you’re missing out. HubSpot is best-in-class marketing software that has everything you need to kick some marketing ass and take your customers names (Note: Don’t actually hit your customers).

We constantly stay up-to-date with the latest and greatest HubSpot tools so that we can turn your website into the conversion machine that you want it to be. Plus they like orange almost as much as us.

Internet Marketing

If you’re reading this, odds are you understand the importance of a comprehensive internet marketing campaign. Lucky for you, internet marketing (also called digital marketing) is DSM’s specialty.

It’s one thing to leverage different digital mediums to drive the right type of engagement, it’s another thing to take all that data and know what to do with it and how to pivot.

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Assess the situation and always stay nimble.


It’s not enough to create good content. What good is it if it doesn’t fulfill your customers’ wants and needs? Just like a marriage counselor tells you, you have to learn how to listen.

Listening allows you to understand what customers are demanding and what they’re saying about you. Our team uses monitoring tools, observes popular social media platforms and does much more to listen.

We can apply our methods to your business. As a result, we’ll give you the insight necessary to effectively change your course of action and grow your business.

Measure Everything

Marketers jobs don’t stop with generating leads and creating content. It’s urgent for companies to measure every aspect of their work as well.

Using analytic tools, marketers should be measuring performance, traffic and a multitude of other KPIs to assess where their downfalls are.

After our marketers identify areas for improvement, we’ll work on ways to create solutions. We’ll gather information about your performance and create opportunities to improve your content strategy.

Adjust When Needed

Businesses work diligently to develop a business plan, but when they stick to their guns and refuse to adjust along the way, then they may find themselves in trouble.

Problems arise all the time, so why ignore them? Sometimes when the plan isn’t working, then it’s time to adjust.

Some people may not be able to identify these problems, so they don’t know when adjustments are necessary. Luckily for you, our team members can adjust you better than any chiropractor in New Jersey can. (See what we did there?)