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2020 NJ Advertising Club Awards Gone Virtual

We at DSM had a blast watching NJ Ad Club’s 52th Annual Jersey Awards Show. We laughed, we cried (from laughing, duh), … and yes, we might have won some awards along the way; I guess you could call it a successful night but this was no ordinary year. This was our first time attending a fully virtual ad show and it was one for the books. Thank you to Sound Imagination and New Media Connection making the show happen.

DSM is proud to announce we “took home – from home” a total of 15 awards, including 5 first-place and 7 second-place trophies.

Although proud of ourselves, we hate tooting our own horns. Excuse us while we spread the love..THANK YOU to:

  • Our clients
  • NJ Ad Club
  • The event sponsors
  • Our amazing employees family here at DSM

Last, but not least, a special shout out to all the agencies who attended the virtual event and congratulations to those that brought home some hardware. A special congrats to FORT Group for taking home Best In Show!

We saw some great work at NJ Ad Awards, which was your favorite?

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