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Best Practices for A Thriving E-Commerce Business in 2023

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E-Commerce In 2023 

E-Commerce sales are one of those things that seem so simple a caveman can do it. That is, until you realize it’s more challenging than just uploading a few photos of your products and dumping some money into online advertising. E-commerce in NJ and beyond can be complex. It requires a plan, patience, and more patience. You can’t skip steps and expect to make money, but by following these three tips below, you can get a leg up on your competition.

Build Your E-Commerce Ad Structure the Way Your Customers Shop

If your ads suite looks like a rats nest, it’ll be exponentially harder to sell online. Our first tip is to break your ads out into targeting-based funnels. Breaking your ads into the top, middle, and bottom of funnel model (TOFU, MOFU, BOFU) allows you to pinpoint the location of your customers along their respective timelines, quickly giving you the ability to target and understand your customers better. This separation of ads into smaller funnels of interest-based, browsing-based, and purchase-based targeting allows you to monitor and better understand your ad interface as a whole. In addition, the segregation of your e-commerce ad funnel also gives you better insight into what parts are thriving and which parts need work. 

Ensure that testing is at the heart of your e-commerce strategy

It’s not a shocker, but every customer is different, and what resonates with one target demographic might miss another completely. This is the main reason why testing is essential to your e-commerce strategy. Testing allows you to understand what your target audience truly resonates with on a deeper level. Using data and some base knowledge might get some results, but testing is there to help you hone your messaging, creative, and calls-to-action to ensure you are getting the best return possible. So, go on! Test away. Test different forms of messaging in your copy, test different kinds of creative and try different ad platforms to find the absolute best possible solution for your audience.

  • Customer one may respond positively to a short caption, with plenty of emojis, attached to a video. 
  • Customer two may be completely turned off by that, opting for a longer, more descriptive caption and a photo carousel. 

Consistent monitoring of your e-commerce ads

We regret to inform you that the “set it & forget it” model for online advertising only results in inefficient spending and missed optimizations. Therefore, it is imperative to check your ads regularly, so you can optimize your campaigns and monitor your budgets. Regular monitoring allows you to make precise decisions regarding your ad campaigns, including deciding which campaigns to divert your budgets away from or towards. Keeping a close eye on your ad suite also gives you a chance to pivot if things are performing below expectations or put more money behind something performing better than expected! 

Bonus! Have a solid social media marketing strategy

We don’t want to burst your bubble here, but just because you dump money into online advertising does not mean you’ll see a 10x ROAS magically appear. If it were that easy, everybody would do it. A solid social media marketing strategy and presence is huge for e-commerce in 2023. Ensuring you’re present on social, nurturing your customers through the funnel is almost as important as anything we discussed above. Our tip? Post content that is relevant to your customer base, giving you the ability to keep them in the sales funnel and grow your browsing-based retargeting lists.

Building a thriving e-commerce business in 2023 is not easy.

 It takes patience, hard work, attention and strategy. Not to mention a lot of testing to truly understand what drives your audience to buy. But, by following the steps we laid out above, you’ll have an easier time selling online than if you didn’t!

Have further questions about e-commerce, online selling, or just digital marketing in 2023? Drop us a line; we’re here to help!

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