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Derek Remensnyder

Derek Remensnyder

Creative Director

Derek, or “Remy” as he’s known here, joined DSM in 2017. As Creative Director, Derek is entrusted by clients and teammates to craft brand identities that both resonate with the target audience and helps our clients succeed in their market. His ultimate focus is to make sure the work of DSM’s creative team is high quality, executed on time and on target. While Remy is the epitome of a team player, he is also one of the most competitive people in the office—being known for making a game out of anything (like a frisbee and pool cue).

Derek’s creative execution is modern and focused. Our brand was most recently recognized nationally for its high-level impact and reputability. You know you are doing something right when your brand is being acknowledged on a larger scale.

Courtney Miller, CareCentrix

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