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Meredith Hopken

Meredith Hopken

VP, Account Services

Meredith started at DSM in 2017 and oversees a team of account managers that are focused on providing our clients with effective, comprehensive, and measurable marketing strategies, as well as first-class customer service. As VP of Account Services, she serves as the leader of our team of Account Managers, bringing over 16 years of account management experience from an agency perspective. As the resident bibliophile, Meredith also serves on the front lines as the grammar police, and she takes no prisoners. In 2020, Meredith was named one of Jersey’s Best 40 Under 40 MARCOM Professionals.

Meredith combines a wealth of experience, and is our go-to person when we need something. She truly understands our goals, and does it all with a smile. She is a pleasure to work with!

Deborah Neumann, CPT

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