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Homage Episode 14: Drew O’Brien

DOB…and I ain’t talking Date of Birth here! Drew, you have a way, man. That “something” that draws people in and leaves a mark with them for the times to come. When we met…you didn’t know you were helping by just listening, but that night we hung out over Chinese food and beers has stuck with me to this day. That was (I think) an inflection point for both of us. Fate had it that our paths would collide, and I would say the rest is history, my friend.

Throughout the last two-plus years, we’ve found a way to confide in each other as we’ve built up our businesses… It hasn’t always been pretty, but then again, tell me one successful business that has been? Obviously, you’re a few years younger than me, but your wisdom and maturity far exceeds your years. Maybe it’s the Irish in you…you carry yourself with a humble swagger befitting of a gentleman that knows how to create all the many visions that you’ve provided to your clients over the years. Never lose that, Drew…it’s a trait that is not found in everyone and certainly isn’t easy to hone if you’re lacking it.

As far as the human being that you are…YOU CARE SO MUCH. From the outset, your passion about what you create, how you create it and why it means so much to you speaks to what kind of heart you possess. You have a will and a want to excel at everything you do…I am grateful to watch you perfect your craft and am so looking forward to seeing how you take The Design Company on the next leg of its journey. From O’Brien Creative comes this new venture that you and your partners are taking on one hell of a journey. I have the utmost faith that your vision and creative chops are going to make quite the scene around these parts…as I told you at launch – OWN IT BRO, SKY’S THE LIMIT!

Drew, this homage is yours, my man. Not because of what you say or how you say it…it’s what’s inside you that I appreciate and respect. You have the heart of a lion and a tenacity that parallels it. I cannot say how much admiration I have for you, brother. You keep me young in my head and allow me to remember why I do this and not to get sloppy or lazy. I marvel at that. Stay you, stay strong, stay DOB dude…you’re making an impact that is going to leave a legacy.


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