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Homage Episode 10: Victor Rampaderat

Vic, Vic, Vic…MY MANNNNN!!!! Only known this homey from Canadia for a year and a half and he’s already a BROMANCE. I am extremely thankful that covid brought us together…I’ll be even more thankful when it’s over so Luca and I can come to Toronto for some poutine and Molson! As with many of these stories that I’ve shared on Homage, it’s imperative to highlight the point that it’s not HOW LONG YOU KNOW SOMEONE. RATHER, IT’S PARAMOUNT TO SHARE LIFE WITH THOSE THAT SHARE YOUR VALUE SYSTEM. For too many of us, we remain in relationships that either don’t resonate or are a matter of convenience. I am “guilty as charged” with this fact so know that I am not pointing fingers at anyone else. Victor, in getting to know you and sharing conversations about life and the pursuit of happiness…I believe I am a better person today than I was 18 months ago. For that, I say THANK YOU.

When one is humbled or exposes vulnerability, it’s difficult…especially us dudes. We’re not taught to show fear, cry openly or show weakness. I get older, I’ve seen firsthand how THIS IS NOT OK. I have a son now and most certainly I want Luca to be tough…but also know that it’s OK to be vulnerable and compassionate and caring. I can tell you (and those that know me know how much I loved my father), I was not taught this. This was not good or bad…it just was the way it was. This is something that you and I have spoken about…we’ve spoken about openly in “our little group” of dudes who get together monthly from all over North America. Change starts with small sparks. Change starts when a group is willing to be vulnerable enough to say that something is “not just going to continue”. Change is a powerful force that can make a world of difference…even when the lights are shining. It’s the small stuff. One foot in front of the other. Day by day…this, my friend, is how we have rolled…continue to roll…and will roll into the journey that is the future.

What makes me think of Victor Rampaderat is sheer will. The grind to continue to grow, evolve and improve. You have a knack for trying to take on the freakin’ hardest things that plague humans and gleefully break through the BS to get folks to understand what they’re doing and saying is absurd. I LOVE THIS ABOUT YOU. You have a knack of looking at the world through a lens of “human nature ain’t done evolving until I say it is”. Making sure that folks are LISTENING and LEARNING. Keep at it my brother because you’re making an impact and you are changing the way folks think. It may be frustrating and sometimes feel unruly…but as the adage goes, NOTHING GOOD EVER COMES EASY.

My Homage to you Vic is one that I hope will stay with you for the remainder of your life. Continue to create change. Continue to be an amazing Dad to Mya. Continue to lead from the front…trust me on this, the back can’t handle you.????  You have an amazing story that has led you this now. Great line I read last week, “God didn’t bring you this far only to bring you this far”. Brother, go forth and keep crushing. You have changed many perspectives that I’ve had and every single one of them is for the better. Use your gifts to enlighten and transform. Be you bro, be you. Love ya buddy.


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