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Fukitt Clothing Makes a Bold Impact


Fukitt Clothing is an urban clothing brand pronounced , or less popularly , rather than the more mistaken pronunciation of the name. The brand was founded by Ricardo Zulueta, Jr., an inspiring man with a fun-loving personality and positive outlook on life. He is driven by the pursuit of happiness with the acceptance that it’s impossible to live life to the fullest every day so, as he states: “Even I end up complaining about Mondays or traffic. No one is immune to this.” Everyone understands the concept of living life to the fullest, and the brand simply acts as a reminder of that concept.

Ricardo’s adventurous attitude is easily incorporated throughout his brand, inclusive of the clothing offered on his site and through his distributors such as the Inked Shop.

It is true that with one great leader comes one great mission, as Fukitt has an overall mission to “inspire and motivate people to live life without regret and to accept challenges worth the risk.” This mission is paired with the Fukitt logo that incorporates an asterisk symbol to depict censorship on a logo that isn’t meant to be censored.

Ricardo’s belief in the success of his brand is carried by the idea that it is not how people view the brand, but how the brand makes people feel about themselves and their quality of life.

The Message Behind the Name

The turquoise color of the logo represents mental wellness and suicide prevention. Due to the loss of his brother to suicide, Ricardo is using the brand to bring awareness to a much greater cause than just fashion. He wants to use the brand to create conversation which educates people on mental illness as a serious issue, and helps people acknowledge the importance of suicide prevention by understanding emotional pain in order to better appreciate what life has to offer.

The brand is meant to remind people to say “f*ck it” and to change our mentality on life more effectively. All the motivational words we read merely act as suggestions unless, or until, we make the decision to change something about our lives that will impact us for the better.

Along with this powerful message comes the idea to not take life for granted and to live life in constant pursuit of happiness. Maybe that’s a little nugget of wisdom we should all live by.

Loyalty is Rewarded

The Fukitt team is a family who cares about their customers and is not afraid to reward them with a more than generous loyalty program. For every dollar you spend (minus taxes and fees, of course) you could earn 7 loyalty points. Your loyalty leads to a major discount, ranging from $10 to $300 off your next order. You could earn 100 points for referring a friend and 10 points just by signing up for their mailing list which offers great discounts and deals.

Fukitt Clothing Review

It’s Time to Stand Out from the Crowd

In a market saturated with a “buy-in” image of surf culture, Fukitt has something which allows it to stand out from the crowd. The brand is not a lifestyle; it’s a mentality. Lifestyle brands are just commercial clothing brands marketing surf culture to a kid who may have never even seen a wave in his life. Fukitt is a mentality, sporting a brand with a heart, a strong message and trendy clothing for individuals of all ages and backgrounds.

This clothing brand takes all forms of payment, including PayPal and American Express. So, for all of you “American Expressers” who have been exiled for so long, this company is accepting your frequently shunned piece of plastic. So, say “f*ck it” and check out some new threads.

Stop by their website at Fukitt Clothing, and be sure check out their Youtube and Instagram pages for a little added inspiration.

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