Darren Magarro

Darren Magarro


Darren founded DSM in 2007 with the hope of creating a full-service marketing agency that puts clients first…and foremost. He was trained in media strategy and buying during his 7+ years working at many big New York agencies for clients such as Toyota Motor Sales, Verizon Wireless, Boston Beer and Puma.

In short, bringing a more polished marketing experience to NJ was the goal. Nothing more, nothing less.

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What I Do Here

The majority of my time at DSM is spent as a brand ambassador on behalf of our clients as well as the agency. Another huge passion of mine is mentoring business owners and members of our team at the office. Sharing my past experiences (good or bad) allows me to give back to those around me in a positive way. I love meeting new people and learning about their businesses. I’ve been told that I’m a nexus.  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE connecting good people to other good people.  It’s my mission in life. Our goal at DSM is to help our clients grow their businesses…literally, what else is there?

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Who I Am

I’ve been told I wear my emotions on my sleeve (I’m Sicilian) and I love it when people tell me I can’t do something…DSM has excelled over the last 12 years at finding ways to get stuff done when nobody thought we could! I love my wife Samantha and our children Olivia, Luca & Tessa. FAMILY IS VERY IMPORTANT TO ME. If you know me, you know that I take a tremendous amount of pride in being a loyal friend who will lay it all on the line with no questions asked. I don’t like limits, backing down or losing at anything. I graduated with honors from Lehigh University and reside in Franklin Lakes.

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What I’m In To

I passionately follow the Green Bay Packers, Liverpool FC, the New York Yankees, the New York Rangers, the Villanova Wildcats, the Penn State Nittany Lions…and sadly the New York Knicks.  I’ve been an avid eater and drinker my entire life…I have an astounding relationship with good BBQ and IPAs…wings are money too, I’ve never met a wing I didn’t like.  Music tastes range from Led Zeppelin to The Black Keys to Bob Marley to John Mayer to ELO…depends on the day. In my free time…I love to travel, ski, hit the gym, grill, play fantasy football and coach youth sports.  I try to keep life fairly simple (my 4 F’s)…Faith, Family, Friends & Food.

Get in touch

If you like football, eating your body weight in Italian cheeses and aggressive high fives at 9am, reach out to Darren below.