It’s plain and simple. We’re content marketers. DSM, located in Bergen County, NJ, will strategically connect you to your customers and prospects with content that delivers value and communicates your brand to your audience. Our custom content marketing programs will target your audience and build brand equity to help boost your sales.

Through websites, blogs, white papers and eBooks, our content marketing agency can reach your most desirable audiences exactly where they live. We’ll provide them with the information, news and advice they want and need so they will always turn to your brand when looking for answers.

Based on your content marketing goals, our NJ-based content marketing agency will create the best content marketing strategy for you. We don’t stop there though. DSM has the ability to not only create a content strategy, but manage, disseminate and measure that content’s performance. We’re the whole package.


In order to compete with and differentiate yourself from other online companies today, you need to invest in content marketing. Having a blog on your website isn’t just a trendy thing anymore, it’s a crucial element to the success of your content marketing strategy.

Our content marketing team will develop original, helpful content that will build brand awareness, boost web traffic and land more customers. It’s not enough to just simply publish blog posts on your website week after week.

The idea of keeping up with both your business and your blog can seem daunting. Our northern NJ-based content marketing agency will take the time to help you craft outstanding, memorable content that your followers, prospects and customers will love.


It’s a known fact that people love videos. They’re enjoyable, visually appealing and a great source of information. Here at DSM, our mission is to deliver outstanding videos to help promote your brand.

We’re in the age of technology, so what better way to spread your message than through videos? They could be watched anywhere, anytime and on any platform. Don’t get stuck in the Stone Age by not creating videos to inform your customers.

At our northern NJ-based agency, we’re all about creating informative and visually appealing videos that “wow” the customer. It’s our goal to make sure that your videos are professionally made and stand out to put you ahead of the competition.

Case Studies

We believe that one of the best ways to prove our worth is to show you the success we’ve had with other clients. Since we believe our work should do all the talking, it only makes sense that we have the same strategy for our clients.

Our northern NJ-based content marketing agency will take you step-by-step through creating case studies. We’ll help you create excellent content, define a target audience and position your case studies in the right place at the right time.

Case studies will help you show your website visitors why you’re better than the competition. With our expertise, your case studies will build credibility and prove why your company is the right choice for your current and future customers.


Not too sure what exactly a whitepaper is? Whitepapers are an unknown factor in most decision-making. They can help your company’s sales skyrocket, all because of something that is almost unknown.

Here at DSM, we want to see your company succeed, and with our expertise on whitepapers, we have the ability to achieve success for you. We know what it takes to create a persuasive whitepaper to motivate your potential customers.

Pairing a marketing campaign with our award-winning creative designs and whitepapers is a recipe for success. Our northern NJ marketing agency knows what it takes to market your brand and make sure that you triumph over your competition.


A smart, well-run webinar is one of the most powerful tools in the content marketer’s toolbox. Webinars give your community an opportunity to learn and ask questions in real-time.

A lot goes into producing a successful webinar. Our NJ-based content marketing agency will work with you to define your goals and brainstorm topics to cover.

We’ll help you craft an organized, content-rich webinar to build connections with your customers and become a trusted resource within your industry.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is alive and well, and should be considered a dark-horse in your marketing arsenal. When it comes to reducing overhead costs, email marketing should be your go-to guy.

Reports show that 39% of marketers don’t have a strategy for email marketing. As a full-service in marketing agency based in Bergen County, we’ll make sure your strategy is on point.

By combining email marketing with a strong marketing campaign, you will increase your ability to close leads and increase sales. What more are you looking for in a marketing medium?

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