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Should My Business Have a Blog?

Does your business blog? If not, it’s time to get started! Yes I know what your saying, “I really don’t need anything else added to my plate right now,” and, “Why should I care about business blogging?”

Well, content marketing is one of the most valuable tools that your company has to engage with customers. It’s a great way to share news with customers, potential customers, employees and suppliers. Having a static website is just not enough anymore.

Keeping it Fresh

One of the biggest benefits about having a blog is that it’s a great way to keep your site fresh. By updating your content regularly, you’ll begin to establish authority on Google which can help you rank higher for specific keywords. Blogging also lets you update your customers about what is happening with your business.

Your posts don’t have to read like “War and Peace,” but you’ll want to keep them interesting with up to date news, facts and answers to common questions your customers may have. Business blogging is not about you, it is about your business and clients and giving them what they want. Typically, posts should be around 600 words, but if there is a lot of information to get across, longer is good too!

Blogging can also give your website a more personal feel, if you choose to take a personal approach to blogging. A blog is not a, “build it, and they will come.” You need to tend to your blog and cultivate it in order to see it flourish.

Blogging’s Effect Behind SEO

Let Google know who’s the best! Blogging regularly tells Google that your business has a great website. Search engines love valuable content, and you will be rewarded for contributing great content. Having unique, quality content on your website’s blog will let Google know you deserve better rankings in search results because you are authoritative in your industry. This is the core of SEO.

With more and more people taking to Google to find the products and services they need, appearing on the first page is critical. By answering the questions they have, you could become the “one source of truth” in your industry. This will generate more leads and, eventually, more customers.

The Guide to Creating a Great Blog

Blogging is a very powerful tool and a great means of communicating, but there are certain guidelines you should follow in order to create a powerful blog.

  • Be strategic. Don’t blog because you need a blog. A blog should be aligned with your main business objectives.
  • Don’t pitch your products in your blog. Instead, answer questions your customers have about the industry and services.
  • Know your audience and accept comments. Address comments that need to be addressed within the comments section or with follow-up blog posts.

Finding Time for Business Blogging

Blogging may seem like an impossible mountain to climb. You’re already swamped running your business, how could you possibly find time to write?

The truth is that no one knows your business better than you. You know what questions you get asked the most, and you know how to answer them. The next time you get asked a common question, right down what your response is. Give reasons and examples as to why your answer is right. Essentially, write down exactly what you would tell that customer and voila, you have a blog post!

Even blogging just once a week can dramatically help your business increase sales. If you still aren’t convinced, or still don’t think you have the time for blogging, an internet marketing firm can be a huge help. They will be able to set up your blog and help you with the content. So, what are you waiting for?


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